Disc golf is an affordable way to get outside and get some fresh air and exercise without needing great expertise. Kamloops has 4 disc golf courses that are open to the public, each with unique charm, beauty, and challenges. What are you waiting for? Let’s par-tee.

Frisbee Vs Disc Golf

First of all, what is the difference between frisbee and disc golf? Frisbee is a catch game where a frisbee is used. It's what you would use to play catch at the park or beach as they were specifically designed for throwing and catching. This is what the sport of Ultimate uses. Disc Golf is a sport that uses specially designed discs intended for throwing only. They are smaller, thinner, heavier, and designed to be thrown harder than a traditional Frisbee. The rules for disc golf are based on traditional golf and courses are set up similarly but the distances are much shorter.

Who Can Play?

Disc golf is an inclusive sport, suitable for all ages and abilities. If you can hold a disc, you can play! There are levels of play from beginner to professional, but to get out and get active, you just need a desire to be outdoors, active, and willing to try something new! There are adaptive players, deaf players and senior players. It’s also very affordable, requiring only 3 discs (and decent footwear) to play. You can pick up your own set of discs at Bigfoot Trading in Aberdeen Mall or Okanagan Disc Supply on Athabasca St.


The three main discs are: putter, midrange and driver. The driver is thin, aerodynamic and meant to be thrown with power. It is used off the tee...think 3 wood in golf. The midrange is meant for those shorter approaches to the pin, where you need to slow down your speed but still want accuracy...think pitching wedge. The putter is designed to hit the chains in the basket and stop its flight. It is shallower and meant to be thrown at a slower speed with accuracy. In disc golf, a beginner would use their putter from 75 feet and in. Some professionals who have their speed, power and accuracy dialed in to where they can throw shorter holes (300 ') with their putters. Not recommended for beginners!


Kamloops Disc Golf Courses

Westsyde Centennial Park

Westsyde Centennial Park is ideal for beginners and families. This grass park course is 100% wheelchair accessible and completely flat. It is 9 holes and plays much shorter than the other two courses. Note - No dogs are allowed in this City Park.


McArthur Island Disc Golf Course

Designed by World Champion Eric McCabe, McArthur Island Disc Golf Course is designed to be played by beginners who have some rounds under their belt. From there, it is a course for all levels of play! 18 holes, some mild elevation and in the spring (when it's not completely flooded) water comes into play on the pond holes. The course is mostly wheelchair accessible, except for the transition of hole 9 to hole 10 and hole 11 to hole 12. This is something the Kamloops Disc Golf Club hopes to rectify soon. Note - No dogs are allowed in this park.

Rose Hill Park

Rose Hill was once the longest course in Western Canada, this is not where beginners should cut their teeth. Once some experience is gained at McArthur Island, the red pads at Rose Hill will offer a good challenge. The blue pads are intended for players with some years of experience and understanding of how their discs fly. This course is not completely wheelchair accessible. It is in passive park space, with the back 9 holes having elevation and the transition between holes being dirt paths. The wind plays a factor on this course, creating an extra challenge, even for seasoned players!

Kamloops Disc Golf Club

Disc Golf is a growing sport in Kamloops, and the Kamloops Disc Golf Club is one of the largest and most active Disc Golf organizations in the province. Become a member to help support the Kamloops Disc Golf community and enjoy awesome perks such as event access, Okanagan Disc Supply discounts and more!


Explore Kamloops

Our backyard is weird and awesome. Kamloops’ rugged, desert-like valley is home to deep gorges, sandstone canyons, fragrant sagebrush and ponderosa pines, and chiselled hoodoos that frame every photo. So, grab your shoes, bike, paddleboard, or kayak, and explore 100+ lakes, 82 parks, and hundreds of trails, all within a 45-minute drive of downtown.