Free to roam. On & off leash adventures for holidaymakers and their furry friends



Being chased off the beach by a bylaw officer is high on the list of holiday don’ts. Fumbling in an unfamiliar city—grabbing shoes, purses and shopping bags, while grasping the dog’s collar (while trying to move farther and faster to the nearest dog-friendly beach—one that requires a Lord of the Rings length journey to get there.) 

Just a moment before, I was sitting on warm sand, watching water lapping on the shore as my beloved dog basked in the sunshine next to me. My travel group, also relaxing and relishing in the view, were asked to move. How I loathed the sound of everyone groaning as they lifted their travel weary bodies upwards.  Upon arrival to the beach, after a lengthy road trip on a hot day in a non-air conditioned vehicle, we saw a slew of other families with furry friends splashing merrily in the water. Where they all disappeared to I’ll never know. I can only assume it was a conspiracy directed entirely at my dog.

Sure, I had a dog on a beach that prohibits furry friends during peak summer months, but allow me to explain. We were waiting for take out pizza, as there were zero dog friendly eateries in the area. Coming from a dog-friendly city like Kamloops, I naively thought that all cities shared an affinity for accommodating furry friends (spoiler alert: they do not).

Dog-owners can attest, they are more than a pet; they are family members and best friends. Roll your eyes all you want, I know I did before I had a dog, and then within 24-hours with Bluebear, I exclaimed, “I’ve NEVER known love like this before.” Now, I shamelessly admit that she is the greatest little buddy I’ve ever had. She makes my day better, my temperament calmer and my life more active. Everyday is an adventure with my girl.


When gearing up to get in on some boldly unscripted adventures—refer to this list of dog friendly activities and locations, so you can avoid obstacles and disappointment and enjoy all there is to see and do in Kamloops.   

Where to stay:

Holiday Inn Express

Super 8

Fortune Motel

Days Inn

The Thompson Hotel and Conference Centre

Panorama City Centre Inn

Holiday Inn Suites Kamloops

Ramada Kamloops

Alpine Motel Kamloops

Accent Inns

South Thompson Inn & Conference Center

Riverland Inn & Suites


Road trips

Drive the old Merritt Highway, stop along the waterfronts (Nicola Lake). Walk around the Upper Nicola heritage buildings. Snap a picture of Quilchena Hotel.  Visit the Bailee House at the Merritt Visitor Center. We were pleasantly surprised by the charm and history—and the dog friendliness.


rentals available at Lac Le Jeune

Best suitable for calm dogs. Remember your dog's life jacket!


After a walk around McConnell Lake, enjoy a casual canoe ride on the water.

Stand Up Paddling (SUP)

There’s over 100 lakes to choose from to SUP with your pup!


  • Peterson Park offers a ton of great on leash & off leash areas to explore (wheelchair friendly route)
  • Enjoy a walk around Isobel Lake (also, wheelchair friendly)
  • Check out 360 views of the city from the top of Kenna Cartwright Park

Watch out for snakes…

Disc Golf

Dogs must be kept on leash.

  • Rose Hill
  • Juniper Ridge

Downtown Heritage Homes Walking Tour

Dogs must be kept on leash.

Geo Caching

Explore the many geocache sights around Kamloops.  (Many areas are located in off leash areas)

Off leash adventures

Mission Flats Beach, Overlanders Beach and Pioneer Park are all great areas!

Mountain Biking

Tons of areas and trails to choose from - safety is key, so ensure your dog is under control.

Dog Friendly Events and Occasions

Farmer's Markets (Wednesday and Saturday from April to October)

Discover all sorts of local crafts and culinary delights—and a great place to socialize with your dog

Paws for a Cause (2018)

Hot Nite in the City (2018)


Eateries & Cafes

Take a break, have a bite, grab a coffee or sip a brew at any of these dog friendly patios

Art We Are

Pond Country Market

Caffé Motivo

Red Beard Cafe

Red Collar Brewing


Hello Toast


Dog Parks

Let your pup roam free and socialize with other dog buddies

Ord Road





Shops & Outlets

Need to shop—but don’t want to ditch the pup? Handle errands with ease.


Movie Mart

Castles and Cottages, Victoria Street


Urban Barn




Stags Head Liquor Store

Home Hardware

Canadian Tire


Consignor Sports


(PS, even the Tourism Kamloops site is fenced and pet friendly!)

If you are going to explore Kamloops in less than dog friendly areas…like a spa, We Love Dogs is an amazing space. Do book in advance, especially if you have never been before.