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July 3, 2014


Downtown Kamloops Offers Additional Visitor Services


Kamloops, BC: a new tourist information outlet has opened in downtown Kamloops, a partnership project of Tourism Kamloops, the KCBIA and the BC Wildlife Park. With increasing visitor traffic throughout the city, the additional outlet looks to further compliment current welcome services to visitors enjoying the downtown core.


“We are thrilled to have put together the Souvenir & Visitor Info Store in our beautiful downtown,” says Tourism Kamloops’ CEO Ms. Lee Morris. “With more and more traffic in our downtown core, this outlet was the perfect opportunity to get out into the community and welcome visitors face to face.”


The newly opened seasonal outlet is located at #103 – 340 Victoria Street beside Boston Pizza and is open daily from noon until 8pm. Not only do the Visitor Centre Certified staff welcome visitors and help them add to their “must do in Kamloops” list, but there is also a growing selection of Kamloops souvenirs for purchase including T-shirts, postcards, maps and more.


“For us, it was all about the partnership of this exciting pilot project,” says KCBIA General Manager Gay Pooler. “Together, the BC Wildlife Park, KCBIA, and Tourism Kamloops have joined to develop this vibrant location.”


The KCBIA’s CAP Team was using the space as their headquarters for the summer months and were looking to drive more traffic to the location. The idea to add a retail component was formed and the three way partnership easily fell into place providing the added bonus of a satellite office for the BC Wildlife Park to increase their presence downtown.


“We’re very pleased to be a part of this project,” says BC Wildlife Park General Manager Glenn Grant. “Whatever we can do to further enhance the experience visitors have in our city is a win/win for everyone.”


Pooler thinks this three month pilot project is the perfect outlet to test the downtown marketplace for her retailers. “We want to see if there is an appetite for this kind of retail and these hours downtown,” she says. “This is valuable information for our retailers to assess opportunities.”


So far, the team acknowledges they’ve seen good things. “The outlet has been open for one day and already has seen good traffic,” says Morris. “We look forward to showing each of our guests the warm, welcoming personality Kamloops is known for to encourage visitors to return in the future.”


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