In Kamloops, with its countless delicious and diverse cafes, there is no shortage of great places to stop for a hot chocolate to warm up the body and soul as the weather cools down.

The Art We Are offers a unique and eclectic environment for those who love to surround themselves with creative artwork and a wide variety of delicious drinks. Enjoy a specialty tea or hot beverage while reading, catching up with friends or listening to live music.

If you’re looking for somewhere to shop and relax at the same time, why not try Blenz Coffee at Aberdeen Mall or the Starbucks at Chapters bookstore? Both of these offer a chance to warm up with a delicious beverage, as well as the chance to shop for a treat for yourself or for the perfect gift on a loved one’s Christmas wish list.

For those craving something sweet, Romann’s Swiss Pastries and Chocolates is the place to be! With treats ranging from cakes, pastries and chocolates to hot cocoa and more, there’s something for every taste. Don’t forget to ask about the Christmas specialty products!

Sweet Home Café is a great concept for families with young children. They offer parents the opportunity to relax with a steaming cup of tea or coffee, while the kids get to play and have some fun in the supervised play area. It’s a win-win all around!

If you’re strolling around the north shore or catching some of the sports action at McArthur Island Sports and Events Centre, stop in to enjoy a freshly roasted coffee in a comfy chair by the fireplace at Red Beard Roasters!

Numerous cafes in town offer organic, fair trade coffee that tastes great and that you can feel great about. A couple great examples to visit are The Grind or The Smorgasbord in the downtown core!

To fully enjoy a wander down Victoria Street and into Riverside Park, try a Nutella Latte or Italian Hot Chocolate at Caffe Arianna’s, a Chai Tea Latte at Caffe Motivo, or a Hot Chocolate with whipped cream at Zack’s Coffees and Teas!

~Sarah Reith