I’ve always been somewhat of a science guy. When I was a kid, I loved meteorology (which is handy now that I’m a Senior Meteorologist at Global TV) and charting the water levels of the Thompson River each spring in Kamloops. So a visit to the BIG Little Science Centre to me isn’t just for the kids, but the big kids too who like to learn how things work.

The BIG Little Science Centre operates out of George Hilliard Elementary School and is dedicated to developing a passion for science among youth, but quite frankly, adults can learn so much as well. There are over 120 hands-on stations where visitors can experiment on their own or see demonstrations, so set aside a few hours to get through the Centre for sure. My personal favourites are any of the shows they do featuring light, sound, colour, electricity and magnets.

Kids love the static electricity display where their hair can stand on end. Or the MASSIVE bubbles they can make at the bubble station. Parents will like best the sound proof box where their kids can stick their heads in the sound proof box, yell and not be heard… or parents can enjoy some quiet with THEIR heads in the sound proof box.

I guarantee that you’ll be surprised at the incredible variety of scientific experiments and displays, and how people of all ages and backgrounds can learn so much about science there, and say to themselves… “Ahhh, now I get how that works!” The BIG Little Science Centre is a BLAST!

Mark Madryga

TV Meteorologist | Kamloops’ Home Town Boy