Some of the best stillwater fishing in North America resides in Kamloops and the BC Interior. Within an hour drive of Kamloops, discover diverse landscapes such as grasslands and forests at the 100+ lakes. Stillwater fly fishing is a technical, methodical game that is like putting together the missing pieces of a puzzle. Ensuring you're set up with the right gear will make your experience on the water more enjoyable. Here are 3 essentials for fishing Kamloops’ trophy stillwater.


A five or six-weight single-handed fly rod between nine and ten feet in length is ideal for fishing in the Kamloops area. Many anglers prefer rods closer to ten feet, as they assist in turning over long leaders often used for imitating chironomid pupa with floating lines. Rods with a medium-fast action are ideal as they're stiff enough to throw in windy conditions, while still soft enough in the top end to protect your tippet from breaking.


Reels with a mid to large arbor assist in maintaining tension while fish are running towards the boat. A disc drag system enables you to precisely adjust the amount of tension you want the fish pulling against. Small bits of maintenance such as backing off the drag dial when the reel isn’t in use and keeping the reel in a pouch during transit will increase the longevity of these items.


There are three different fly lines that can cover most scenarios while fishing. A floating line with a taper allows you to cast long leaders with strike indicators, an intermediate or moderate sinking line that falls anywhere between one and three inches/sec, and a fast-sinking line designed to reach greater depths in shorter periods of time.

Test your new fly fishing essentials on one of the 100+ lakes surrounding Kamloops this spring.

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