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Today I was reminded of a 1998 Disney Movie that some of you may remember called ‘Halloweentown’. It came out a little bit past my prime cartoon-watching-years but from what I have heard it was a great movie. If asked most people would say that if they had the chance they would live in Halloweentown. Well, Kamloops may not be an immortal town filled with trolls, witches and comedic skeletons but I think we could easily earn the title as ‘Halloweentown’ just based on all of the fun Halloween/fall based activities we have going on this month!

Personally, I’m not very big on Halloween. I leave my costume to the last minute every year… I’m the person running to Value Village on the night of a Halloween party to try and throw some kind of costume together usually resulting in general characters such as ‘nerd’, ‘hobo’, ‘cat-lady’ and the like. Every year I show up at these parties looking at everyone’s extravagant costumes they made themselves thinking “next year, I am definitely planning ahead for this”… and here we are – October 3rd and I still hadn’t given much thought to Halloween until Let Loose Lisa and I went down to Pandora’s Box and filmed our video dressed as our cartoon characters (check the video here). The selection they have available is just insane and the rental prizes are very reasonable. I kind of feel like I’d be cop-ing out to rent a costume as opposed to making one but let’s face it – I probably wouldn’t get around to making one even if I went with that option anyways.


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Every year the Kamloops Heritage Railway puts on a Ghost Train. It’s an hour long trip that includes fortune tellers, ghost stories, headless horseman and lots more. This trip is actually so popular that it had to be expanded to 3 weekends this year to accommodate everyone! I did this trip last year and it was ghoulish… (in all honesty, it was awesome) I would recommend dressing warmly though and using discretion for younger children. Boo at the Zoo is another fantastic Halloween experience for families with haunted houses, mazes, trick or treating, and fireworks. Remember to dress up for this as there is a prize for the best dressed!

If you’re looking for a family outing that will be sure to create lasting memories… head out to Chase for the afternoon. Treetop Flyers Zipline and Pete Murray’s Corn Farm have an incredible special on their agri-package for the whole month of October. For $40 – have 2 rides on the zipline and a tour of Pete Murray’s farm including tractor rides, sheep feeding and pumpkin picking.

For us big kids there is lots to do as well! Kamloops Convention Centre is hosting their annual ‘Mash Bash’. SIPS Martinis and Tapas is hosting a Halloween Party. Also, a must-do is heading down to the Noble Pig Brewhouse at the end of the month to try their Pumpkin Ale Beer (soooo good btw.) There are usually several other pubs & bars in town hosting some kind of costume party and we’ll be adding them to our website as we find out about them!

If you’re from out of town – we invite you to come to Kamloops and experience our version of ‘Halloweentown’… we have even more activities and ideas listed for you here.


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Happy Halloween!