'How's the weather there?' This or variations of it ('some weather we're having eh?', 'How about this weather', etc.) are often one of the first question your grandma, aunt, uncle, parents [insert any other person older than you] will ask on the phone or via email. My step dad, Bruce, was notorious for asking this question... so much so, that it became a running joke amongst my friends and family. If he answered when my friends called the house for me, they would be answering the question before he even asked! You can imagine the humour my best friend (currently residing in London, UK) found in it, when on Christmas Day we skyped and one of the first things I asked her about was the weather... she laughed and said 'Did you really just 'Bruce' me?' I could only laugh too and think that I must be getting older myself.

Petersen Creek Park Mid-DecemberIn any case, this really is some weather we are having. It seems as though almost every 2nd day is a record setting warm day. Don't get me wrong - I love it. As a resident of Kamloops, the lack of snow and ice is a welcome sight when driving to and from work and keeping the heat turned down has cut our gas bill. Not to mention, I still have not had to purchase a new snowsuit and boots (which were on my list since October) and I have no muddy dog paws running through my house since it has been so dry. However, as a tourism marketing organization... this lack of snow has been a pain in the butt! I mean, we've positioned ourselves as a four season destination with tons of activities to do in each. We've promoted that Kamloops has a wonderful winter wonderland where in just under 3.5 hours from the Lower Mainland, you'd be in a land of fluffy white snow with winter activities galore.Maybe you would be surprised to know that we still are! This 'hybird' winter/spring weather has opened up the door to a multitude of outdoor activities that can't normally be done together and now is your chance to get in while the gettin's good!

Ski & Golf in the same day? No problem. Mount Paul golf course is an executive 9 hole course that offers a challenge for both the experienced and new golfer. At a par 32 and yardage of 2072, it is ideal for all ages. This little course is open weather permitting (and it has been...) so why not get in a round before heading up to Harper Mountain Ski Hill (20 mins from downtown Kamloops) or Sun Peaks Resort (45 mins from downtown Kamloops) for some afternoon runs in the soft powder our area is known for. Or golf by day and ski by night since Harper Mountain has night skiing available.

Cross Country Ski & go for a Hike/Bike - This combo is a dog's dream! Head out to Stake Lake Nordic Centre (15 mins from Kamloops) in the morning to cross country ski the 5KM of groomed dog-friendly runs and then head back Dog Friendly Cross Country Skiinginto town for lunch and a hike at Kenna Cartwright Park or Peterson Creek Park which are both full of a myriad of hiking and single track biking trails. Both happen to be off-leash, so Rufus will definately be pooped at the end of this day. With over 40 pet-friendly accommodation options and cross country ski rentals available at Spoke n' Motion - everything you need is in right here!

Dirt Biking & Ice Fishing - We recently heard of a long time local who went out dirt biking on New Year's Day for the first time in his life. With numerous staging areas in Kamloops, hit the dirt and pair it with a trip to one of our 100+ local lakes. Many of the higher elevated ones are frozen and ready to fish.

Row, row, row your boat and Snowshoe - On a sunny Janaury day, why not slip your kayak or paddle boat into the Thompson River, say hi to some of our seasonal Trumpeter Swans and follow it up with an afternoon of snowshoeing. Snowshoe rentals are available from Runner's Sole.

These are just to name a few. Who knows how much longer we will have this warmer weather for so this is the time to come take advantage of these combos! After a busy day outside, unwind at one of our local spas - Sunmore Ginseng Factory being the only of its kind in BC, check out a WHL Hockey Game, watch a Western Canada Theatre production or take in one of the amazing Kamloops Symphony performances. Come experience all Kamloops has to offer and the next time someone 'Bruce's you' - you can tell them all about the fun activities you did in this amazing weather!


Kamloops Kendel