Image Credit: Sportsnet

Story by: James Peters- CFJC

KAMLOOPS — There were a lot of eyeballs on Kamloops during this month's Hockey Day in Canada - and now we know how many. Rogers has told Tourism Kamloops the second of three NHL games aired February 6 garnered an average of 800-thousand viewers. Many of those viewers would have seen the ad spots purchased by the agency in partnership with the local organizing committee.

Lisa Strachan of Tourism Kamloops says they portrayed the city in a very positive light."I had a few texts come through my phone, friends from Jasper - some even over in Ontario were sending me messages," said Strachan. In addition to the commercial spots, the day-long program featured several live cut-ins broadcast from Kamloops.

Strachan says the entire broadcast was a wonderful showcase for Canada's Tournament Capital.