Hey fabulous folks, it’s Nic from Tourism Kamloops, and buckle up because we’re about to embark on a 48-hour adventure throughout all corners of Kamloops, located in the heart of British Columbia. This itinerary is inspired by the vibrant spirit of the local queer community (who knew, right?). 

Day One: Get Your Look Figured Out

Discover Your Evening Look

When you arrive in Kamloops, make your way to Lys's Thrift & Vintage, a curated thrift store on Victoria Street. Immerse yourself in the diverse and eclectic array of fashion-forward pieces, finding the perfect outfit for your night out in Kamloops.

Download your 'Loops Explorer Pass to keep the savings flowing with access to coupons and deals for locally-owned businesses.


Check-In and Stay in Style with Local Businesses

After your shopping adventure, settle into one of our esteemed accommodation partners, ensuring your stay is as glamorous as your curated wardrobe. Find out who is Rainbow Registered.


Dinner Delight - Treat Yo’self

After check-in, treat yo’self to a sumptuous dinner at one of Kamloops’ culinary hotspots. I’d go upscale with a place like Stills Co. Tapas & Cocktails or Underbelly by the Pig, if upscale is not your vibe, do something more casual like the Bright Eye Brewing or Red Beard Cafe, each offers a variety of flavours to suit your discerning taste.

Electrifying Events by Rebellious Unicorns, Bad House Guests, and The Effie Arts Collective Comedy Show

As the night unfolds, amplify the allure with queer-friendly events hosted by Rebellious Unicorns and Bad House Guests (the team behind the Electric Love music festival). Dance the night away or, for a refined touch, enjoy a comedy show at The Effie Arts Collective on the shore. Check out Tourism Kamloops’ events calendar for the most up-to-date queer happenings.


Day Two: Full Day Adventure

Swing, Serve, Sweat - Tennis Extravaganza

Feeling energized? Grab your racquet for a smashing game of tennis at Riverside Park, where the courts aren't just a battleground for friendly competition – they're a canvas for the spirited camaraderie that defines the city. For those looking to stay fit; Riverside Park is also a great place to go jogging. 


Brunch Bliss - Tasting the Rainbow

No adventure is complete without a brunch pitstop. Kamloops' culinary scene is a melting pot of flavours, and I highly recommend Harvest by Nandi for a delightful brunch. Harvest by Nandi even offers $4 mimosas on weekends, adding an extra sparkle to your brunch experience.

Cheeky Beach Vibes at Mission Flats Beach

For those seeking a cheeky adventure, explore Mission Flats Beach – Kamloops' very own clothing-optional beach. It's a unique experience that adds a touch of playful daring to your Kamloops escapade.

Sunset Hike - Nature's Grand Finale at Kenna Cartwright Park

As the day winds down, set out on a sunset hike at Kenna Cartwright Park (the largest municipal park in British Columbia with over 40 KM of hiking trails). Enjoy a serene journey, taking in the scenic beauty as the sun gracefully bids adieu, painting the sky in hues of orange and pink. This picturesque spot is not only a nature lover’s dream but also a perfect backdrop for your Instagram-worthy moments.

Day Three: Farewell and Departure Serenity

Check-Out, Reflect, and Collect Memories

Collect your thoughts and enjoy breakfast at Isigani Farm-to-table, then (sadly) check out and bid farewell to Kamloops, carrying the memories of a vibrant 48-hour escapade curated by the local queer community. Before you go, make a pitstop at Far & Wide to pick up a trinket and carry a piece of Kamloops with you (Calli has the best souvenirs and supports many queer artisans throughout Canada!).

On a transportation note - download URide (essentially it is Uber), a local ride-sharing gem. For a comfortable and easy journey, URide has you covered for transportation. If you want to be a bit more active, ask your concierge for details on bike rentals.

Kamloops is a humble little city, but it is FILLED with hidden gems, you really must know where to look - ask a local, something fun is always happening, you just got to ask. Looking for more adventures? Check out our Summer Activities for more trip inspiration!

So, are you ready to immerse yourself in the heart and soul of Kamloops? The adventure awaits! 🌈

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