To be honest, for people that don’t live in Kamloops, I’m not quite sure of the perception of this jewel of a city and area anymore. When I was a child living in Merritt, my outlook on Kamloops was that of a hot, almost barren landscape.  Of course today I know that’s entirely false!  After establishing my career here and utilizing both the urban and natural landscapes that are offered here as my creative backdrop, there’s not a single ounce of my being that doesn’t believe this place is drop dead beautiful.

Coming strictly from a commercial and tourism photographer’s viewpoint, this city and surroundings is to put it simply, Xanadu!  Because of the diversity of work I do here, I’ve become extremely familiar with this entire area and what it has to offer a photographer, no matter what their interest.

Travel outside the city itself for 15 minutes in almost any direction and what you get is an entirely different sense of topography and climate; it’s quite remarkable really.  From grasslands and hoodoos to large spruce, cedar trees and moss.  From cactus to the most lush fields of wildflowers you can imagine.  From rolling dry hills to rushing waterfalls within minutes.  Comparatively, if British Columbia as a province has to be one of the most radically diverse topographical areas of land in the world, and I believe it is, Kamloops and area as a region has to rank right up there.


Some might see this location as a dry, lifeless place, but for those of us that have come to spend some time in the region we know what it has to offer, especially as a photographer.  Early springs, late falls, easy winters, plentiful sunshine.  Personally I honestly don’t know where else all that could be attained.  My work has flourished because of what this place has to offer and I know of many other photographers who feel the same.

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Happy shooting!

Kelly Funk