Kamloops, British Columbia is a beautiful city in the heart of the Thompson Valley and near where Kamloops Lake and the Thompson River meet. Though it is a fairly small city compared to other Canadian cities - its population hovers around the 87,000 mark - it is a busy city filled with history and culture. It is also a breathtaking escape for couples looking for the perfect fall getaway.

Home to the Kamloops Symphony Orchestra, Kamloops offers couples looking for an evening of culture and sophistication an opportunity to escape to the soothing sounds of the orchestra on virtually any weekend. Whether you're seeking an evening of classics with Beethoven or Mozart, or something more modern with the KSO's salute to Elton John, virtually every weekend has an occasion to remember with the Kamloops Symphony Orchestra or the Kamloops Symphony Chorus.

Couples looking to balance their musical experience with something quieter can also take a tour of the Kamloops Art Gallery. Situated on Victoria Street, the gallery offers a variety of exhibitions for both the new art lover and the more seasoned art connoisseur. Whether you want to check out the current art exhibition with a view to participating in the auction or appreciate the Ernie Kroeger 'Confluence' exhibition - an outstanding display where history meets the modern era - you will no doubt find something different every time you visit. While by no means a sprawling gallery, there is still a great deal to appreciate for all levels of art lovers.

For couples on the move, there's always the Kamloops Heritage Railway, featuring a restored steam engine. Grab a sweater and your comfy shoes and get a great glimpse into Kamloops history. The 1912 steam engine was restored to its natural glory over the course of eight years, and now, the volunteers who brought the great train back to life truly have a passion for showing her off. There are daily tours of the train, as well as the backshop, where visitors can get a first-hand look at the restoration process. While the Kamloops Heritage Railway offers a variety of rail tours year round, there are no more rail tours until the Spirit of Christmas descends around December 20. Regardless, the tour alone is worth the visit. History buffs will definitely love this! Also, why not wrap up your tour with a fine meal at the nearby Keg? It's a near-perfect way to end your walk through history.

Couples looking to escape the stresses of life and enjoy the calm while they shut off the world for a few hours may want to check out the Sunmore Ginseng Spa, located on McGill Place. Sensuality is the key part of this adventure, from the moment you enter the spa til the time you leave. Whether it's the fragrant ginseng honey tea you're served when you arrive to the massage or just the overall pampering, every sense will be tantalized and stimulated, and your muscles will ultimately relax into this most calming of experiences. Couples can choose to enjoy a three-hour spa experience in the Sunmore Ginseng Spa's Asian-inspired rooms for $850.

For a view of nature's majesty, there's nothing better than a self-guided heritage tour. Get your most comfortable pair of hikers out because you and your sweetheart will truly love the clean air as you embark on your own Kamloops hiking adventure. Wander through the Rivers Trail at Riverside Park and discover the 30 or so heritage sites dotted throughout the area. Whether you go to St. Andrews on the Square and check out the anti-Victorian style buildings or hike down through the Nicola Wagon Road Trail - or at least, what's left of it from the days of fur and gold trading - you and your loved one will definitely get a strong taste of Kamloops' rich history.

The Balancing Rock is the stuff of legend. Balanced atop a pointy hoodoo, local lore has it that the Secwepemc First Nation and the Okanagan First Nation once disputed who should claim title to the land around Kamloops Lake. The two First Nations decided to let their strongest men decide who should own the land, and since the men from Secwepemc First Nation were able to balance their rock upon the hoodoo first, they won title to the land. Geologists, on the other hand, might say some sort of force of nature created the Balancing Rock. Regardless, it's a true testament to the wonder of nature - and to the power of legend.

Couples looking to check out Kamloops for a weekend of romance have a variety of possibilities for their exploration. They could also choose to hole up in the city's many hotels and simply enjoy the calm quiet of room service. Whatever the option, the city of Kamloops offers couples a variety of romantic possibilities.








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