Views of Kamloops

Out in Kamloops with hills all around
It is here both Thompsons are found.
Two mighty rivers, huge banks on each side
They join together for the City supply.
Some say the best water to drink
I’d rather say a nice place to think.
By the peaceful shore water flowing by
Or to catch a rather large Sockeye.
Up on the hills with many trails to explore
On bike or foot this is quite a chore.
Many paths for the enthusiast to see
Great views from all sides I’m sure you’ll agree.
The City of tournaments hosted each year
Thousands of people do appear.
For baseball and soccer, hockey most sports
You’ll even find basketball courts.
Mountain biking on the great hills
A lot of athletes expressing their skills.

Speed boat races on the river
With a lot of power, they just giver.
Fly fishing tournaments on pristine lakes
Or skiing downhill on sun peaks, where no rattlesnakes.
Golfing in summer on beautiful greens
Most of which have breath taking scenes.
Lakes in the background, hills on each side
Lots of places to eat, the city supplied.
Beautiful parks to enjoy a hot afternoon
For there will be no monsoon.
The place is semi-arid, dry in the summer
With heat in the high 30’s you can hear a great drummer.
Indigenous people do gather here
Most every year.
For a big celebration head dress all in place
Meeting of the people and lots to embrace.
You see it’s the great rivers that collide here
The Indigenous people hold it so dear.

Curling is hosted on indoor ice
With hockey that would be nice.
Cattle can be seen on farmers’ fields
On the lower land grass in great yields.
Horses on the hills some wild they say
I’ve even seen some out in front of a sleigh.
Wild sheep on the steep cliffs
Kamloops does bring many neat gifts.
All in one large package city spread wide
From Barnhartvale to Westsyde.
One beautiful city it’s a must see
Don’t be absentee.
Out in Kamloops with hills all around
This is where you should be found.

- Darren Crowell