This is an email we received yesterday from some guests who recently passed through on the Rocky Mountaineer. Congrats Kamloops for helping make their trip so memorable!

Hi all, my wife and I had the pleasure of holidaying in Canada this year and before leaving Scotland we made a wish list of our dreams to make the holiday special. Top of the list was to return with a photo of us taken with The Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Other items on the wish list like photos of live Canadian wildlife (bears and eagles etc.) were achieved but after three weeks in Canada and travelling from east coast to west coast we still never saw a mounted policeman in uniform. Can you imagine our delight when we arrived in Kamloops by train to be met by mounted gentlemen saluting our arrival and then how proud we were of all Canadians to find out they were volunteers. What a fantastic example you have set for the whole of Canada and if we had a nomination of the best community we saw on our visit, it would be Kamloops. Should we ever visit Canada again Kamloops would be top of our list of must sees. Please accept this e-mail as a sincere thank you to all members of the Kamloops community for their continued excellence in service to visitors to your wonderful town

We would be happy to share your excellence with the world, they could all learn the value you place on tourism is a winner and the highlighted felling of welcome when you reach the enchanted City of Kamloops is an example for everyone to follow. All Canadians should be proud of how you set the standard; your memory will linger long in our dreams. Thank you Kamloops.

- Mr & Mrs Tannerhill from East Lothian, Scotland