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Just the other day a few of us from Tourism Kamloops headed out to Chase to experience the Treetop Flyers Zipline. I have driven by it numerous times on my way out to the Shuswap and was excited to give it a try. For those of you who are like me and stare at it as you drive by thinking…hmmm it’s not that high, let me tell you it’s higher than it looks!

So far, the only zip line that is open is the Flying Fox. It is a dual line, 100 meter soar through the air! It’s a great way to get your feet wet before the opening of the Canyon Tour next summer (and at $20 a zip or 2 for $30 it’s a great deal!). Once the Canyon is open, this will be used as their training line. A cool feature of the flying fox is the suspended staircase you have to climb to get to the top of the tower. As soon as you take that first step, it starts to sway …. at this point you just keep your head down and climb!

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As soon as I reach the top I realize it is a lot higher than it looks from the highway! Although I am not too intimidated by heights (or so I try to convince myself), I admit I could feel my heart beating faster than it was at the bottom of the stairs. I am met by Daniel, one of the guides who makes sure I am always latched in and don’t fall off the tower (chances are very slim as it is fully closed at this point except for the entrance from the stairs). Once we are all on the top, Daniel takes off in order to meet us at the bottom and Ron gets us in position to fly!

First up…Kamloops Kendel and Let Loose Lisa! I’m sure you can guess who won. If you said me, you are wrong, and if you said Kendel you are wrong. We tied! So naturally we would have to go again.

I admit I am no zip-lining expert, but I was very impressed with the breaking/stopping technology. Instead of having to break/stop on your own, or catch a rope to pull onto a platform, all the hard work is done for you. All they require is that you hold the handle and keep your feet up (you don’t even bounce backwards….you simply just stop). Once you land on the top of their sales office, you just unclip and walk to the side of the roof to watch the next zippers. (yes, that is the technical term)

Overall I had a great time at Treetop Flyers in Chase, BC. A huge thank-you to Matt, Ron and Daniel who did an excellent job! I can’t wait to try the Canyon!

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Oh, and don’t think I forgot about the tie breaking zip…... I won! ;)

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