Kamloops boasts a rich history of gravity-oriented riders, with names like Wade Simmons, Matthew Hunter, and Brett Tippie hailing from here. This legacy has made Kamloops an epicentre for riders seeking to get their freeride fix at The Ranch. However, what sets Kamloops apart is its incredibly diverse network of trails, catering to every rider's preference. These trails are easily accessible within a 30-minute drive from downtown Kamloops. 

Let’s dive into Kamloops' six sanctioned networks to discover their unique offerings. 

Kamloops Mountain Biking

Lac du Bois Grasslands

Locally known as “Batch” because of its proximity to the Batchelor Heights neighbourhood, the Lac du Bois Grasslands trails offer early access to riding after the snow melts. Its largely south-facing orientation and gentle topography make for flowing singletrack trails suitable for beginners to expert XC and trail riders. Thanks to the great sightlines, beginners have the confidence to focus on the trails and advanced riders have the visibility to safely rip through the singletrack. Climb up to "Tower Classic" via "Cows with Guns" or "Shady Glenn" to reach "Naked Pistol" for breathtaking vistas before descending one of Batch's best trails. 

The Kamloops Bike Ranch

Known as "The Ranch," this spot has become iconic for its professionally crafted jump lines and has been showcased in most movies and edits in freeride mountain biking since its inception. As Canada's largest municipal bike park, The Ranch is a great destination to catch some air. For gravity-oriented riders, the Ranch offers progressive trails for all jump skill levels, from small jumps to the biggest booters. 

To skip the uphill grind Mostly Mental Shuttles offers a shuttle service to access to everything The Ranch has to offer. For those looking to earn your turns, use the dirt XC climb trail or the paved multi-use pathway. Scheduled for completion in summer 2024, the Ranch will introduce three Velosolutions paved pump tracks.

Please note: Due to the construction of the new Pump Track, access to the 'Upper Corral' of the Kamloops Bike Ranch is closed to all until July 2024.


Pineview boasts a range of trails, from flowing XC-style climbs and descents to pucker-worth double black diamond technical trails. Divided into Pineview East and Pineview West, the East area opens first, featuring favourites like "Mike's" and "Beer Run," that are the epitome of Kamloops high speed descents. Once Pineview West opens, riders access more thrilling descents like "A Blaze on the Hillside" or "Mine," alongside a vast network of fun XC or downhill-style trails like "Iron Mask" or "Stubby’s." Park at the newly constructed main lot on Lac Le Jeune Road for optimal trail access. 

Kenna Cartwright Park

As one of the largest municipal parks in BC, Kenna Cartwright Park offers a diverse trail network catering to cardio enthusiasts. Accessible from multiple points, riders typically start from either the west end of Hillside Drive or the north end of Pacific Way. Carve out a ride that traverses the sun-exposed outer edges before dropping into the pine-covered trails near the centre. Exercise caution due to multi-use traffic, as these trails are frequented by hikers and dog walkers. Additionally, the newly constructed Dufferin Progression Park offers approachable trails with great sightlines, wide trail construction and an easy grade for climbing and descending. This is located next to the Dufferin Elementary School and is perfect for kids or adults who are new to mountain biking and looking to build confidence on the bike.

Stake Lake

A hidden gem, Stake Lake provides an oasis during peak summer heat, offering temperatures that are generally 4-5 degrees cooler. Situated at a higher elevation, it often remains above any inversions that happen in the valley, making it an ideal spot even during cloudy days. For nature enthusiasts and biking enthusiasts alike, the green trails are wide open and perfect for the whole family to enjoy. Pack a lunch and take advantage of the picnic tables by the lake for a relaxing post-ride meal. If you're up for a challenge, the technical XC trails, especially "Stomp," present expert-level rock rolls and a heart-thumping climb to the top.

Harper Mountain

Harper Mountain stands out as one of the best networks just a short drive outside town—so exceptional that we hesitated to put it on this list, wanting to keep it a local secret! Situated at Paul Lake, Harper is accessible either via shuttle road or by climbing the dedicated uphill route known as 'Ket-R-Done." Once you reach the top, an array of descents awaits, promising both an adrenaline rush and an ear-to-ear grin as you bomb downhill. From the big jumps on “Pimpernot,” to the classic fast and flowy descent “Easy Rider,” to the newly constructed green flow descent “Cucwéll,” Harper has a vast array of top-quality trails for all skill levels. Come find out why we almost didn’t share this one with you! 

The Kamloops mountain bike scene isn't just a haven for gravity-riding legends; it's a playground for every kind of mountain biker. Its varied trail networks and unique landscapes offer adventures suited to every skill level and preference. With Kamloops' six sanctioned networks, an exciting and diverse ride is guaranteed—thrilling and memorable for all. 


Written by the Kamloops Bike Riders Association (KBRA) and the Kamloops Performance Cycling Centre (KPCC).

Kamloops’ mountain bike trails are maintained by both the Kamloops Bike Riders Association (KBRA) and the Kamloops Performance Cycling Centre (KPCC). These organizations are 100% volunteer-run—consider becoming a member of the KBRA for $20 or donating to the KPCC if you explore any of these networks. We also ask that you tread lightly when you visit these areas to protect them for future riders.

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