Have YOU ever worn fishnet stockings? I have and had an amazing time doing so. In fact, I also had sparkly hair gel and fantastic eye make-up to finish the look.

Of course I’m not talking about my day job as a meteorologist, rather referring to my walk on role in Project X Theatre’s adaptation of the Rocky Horror Show in 2010. This was a part of a Tourism Kamloops promotion where I was ‘Double Dog Dared’ to do this role … it was a blast! Even though I do the weather on TV in front of thousands (through the camera) each day, being on stage with so many awesome actors in front of a live audience certainly gave me butterflies! It was a great time... even though I was a few dance steps out of rhythm while doing ‘The Time Warp’ with the cast!

This year, the theatre company is putting on Romeo & Juliet and James & the Giant Peach. This will be great for the families and I understand there are already some sold out shows! It's a treat to watch such excellent performances in the outdoors on a beautiful warm summer Kamloops evening. It is a super social event too as you're sure to meet some old friends attending as I did while taking in a show last year.
Get your tickets as the shows are on now through August 11 and I promise you will NOT see me there dressed as a Giant Peach – I’ll leave the fun to the talented actors!

For more info on X-Fest - click here: http://www.tourismkamloops.com/home_showSection_ID_614.html

~ Mark Madryga, Tourism Kamloops Ambassador