Tourism Kamloops is fortunate to be invited to join our destination marketing partners from throughout the province to host and attend media dinners in key target markets in Calgary, Vancouver and Seattle each year. Over the past two months and during these three events, we have been face to face with over 150 journalists, bloggers and social influencers pitching Kamloops story ideas.  Many of our conversations revolve around “what’s hot”, “what’s new” and “what sets us apart”.  These events present a great opportunity to strike and nurture relationships that, in essence, have the potential to lead to earned media exposure for Kamloops.

By working in collectively with our destination marketing partners and our dedicated tourism stakeholders, results can be impressive.  We recently received coverage in Quantas Airline’s magazine from Australian freelance journalist Guy Wilkinson as a result of his visit last fall


This 5 page spread in their June edition will be seen by approximately 422,000 readers and equates to an advertising equivalency of approximately $86,463 CAD ($18,425 per page AUS).