A mountain biker’s dream, an arts and culture hub, and a foodies delight are just a few of the terms many have used to describe Kamloops, but did you know Kamloops is also considered a mecca of play for our furry friends? Here's an inside scoop from a few of Kamloops' iconic K-9’s in the tourism industry and their pivotal operational roles.

Red Collar Brewing

Fidelle and Diana generally work Monday to Friday at Red Collar Brewing, with occasional appearances on weekends. These biscuit loving brew pups know the craft beer scene in Kamloops and welcome their guests with a wag and kiss. Their activities for the day include greeting all delivery people who enter the building before they open, hiding all their toys in each and every corner of the tasting room, supervising all human activity, and providing reassuring kisses or cuddles to anyone who seems to need them. They officially hold the positions of Chief Wellness Officer (Diana) and Deputy Wellness Officer (Fidelle), and are responsible for checking in with staff regularly to ensure they are safe and happy. For the full scoop on the barley scene in Kamloops, they may not have all the answers, but their personalities are spot on in representing the local charm of Kamloops.

Hike Kamloops

The trails around Kamloops are endless and while out exploring, you might run into Justyna, the iconic pup of Hike Kamloops. She loves to spend time outside with her humans sniffing new things and making friends. So what are Justyna’s go-to trails around Kamloops? She is a big fan of the city off-leash parks including the Panorama Trail, Tower Trail and Rim Trail in Kenna Cartwright Park where she can run freely. When she isn’t nose down sniffing her way along, she is taking in the spectacular views. During her home life, Justyna helps as a foster mum to BCSPCA kittens, and acts as a therapy dog to her humans offering endless amounts of love.

Privato Vineyard & Winery + Woodward Cider Co.

The vineyard, orchards, and tree farm keep Privato Jenny exploring all day long. Jenny loves life at the farm while living, breathing, and nosing her way into trouble at Privato Vineyard and Winery and Woodward Cider Co. Her main job is greeting guests with a welcome wet sniff, but she is also the official chicken herder, keeping the winged walkers away from visitors. Jenny is a key member of the Woodward family and a well known furry icon in BC’s newest wine region, the Thompson Valley. She invites you to sip, savour, and stroll through the beautiful grounds of the Woodward farms with her.

Paddle Surfit

Furry friends on the water… you bet. This trio can often be found directing Paddle Surfit’s owner Bodie Shandro from the front of his stand up paddle board. The old adage, “dog days of summer” hold true. The crystal clear, refreshing waters of Heffley Lake combined with an abundance of local wildlife have our furry family engaged the moment they step “on board”. They don’t dare leave the dock without them. Remember, your dogs need life jackets too.

(Sadly, Mercy (far right) became a special angel this fall.)

Kamloops Golf & Country Club

Who do you think keeps the geese off the golf course? Meet Cora, a 2.5 year old Lab/Shepherd mix who works alongside her owner, Superintendent Travis Olson, at the Kamloops Golf and Country Club. Cora is new to the golf scene in Kamloops, but is learning her role quickly and is excited to meet all the golfers in the spring. With endless acres to run, feathered friends to chase, and beautiful views of the hoodoos, Cora is happy to have found her forever home on the links.

Harper Mountain

Mountain life is the good life for Shadow, the local K9 companion at Harper Mountain. Whether it's summer or winter, she has identified the perfect vantage point to watch for new guests to lead on a snowshoe or mountain bike adventure. Shadow is the local trails expert and she may even share the inside scoop on her favourite view points. For 9 years, Shadow has been integral to mountain operations and looks forward to welcoming you on your next visit to the mountain.

So whether you are wine tasting, hiking, paddle boarding, golfing, snowshoeing or sampling a local brew, keep an eye out for the furry adventure experts and give them a nose scratch of appreciation.