The North and South Thompson Rivers meet in Kamloops, where the city takes its name from the Secwe̓pemc word "Tk'emlúps", meaning "where the rivers meet". The Secwe̓pemc, also known as Shuswap, people have a long history in the Kamloops area.

Moccasin Trails was formed in 2018 to offer tours highlighting Indigenous culture, history, and connection to nature. The River “Setétkwe” Tour​ includes a guided canoe journey along the traditional waters of the South Thompson River.

Indigenous owners, Frank Antoine and Greg Hopf, are both passionate about sharing their culture and stories through transformative tourism experiences.

A local knowledge keeper guides the tour, sharing history, stories, and songs, as you paddle the South Thompson River. Listen to the story behind the tobacco feeding ceremony before setting out, discover the importance of Coyote Rock (Balancing Rock), and learn firsthand about Indigenous culture.

The canoe journey from Valleyview (east end of Kamloops) to Riverside Park takes approximately 2 hours. If you are looking for a more immersive experience, there are longer tours available or variations of the trip, including one that highlights local wine.

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