As winter wraps Kamloops in a chilly embrace, it's time to ditch the traditional notions of libations and embark on a spirited journey through the fun world of mocktails. Forget the typical "New Year, New Me" resolutions – we're talking about "New Year, New Sip!"  The Kamloops beverage scene is quickly becoming a mocktail playground, where creativity meets glass, and every sip is a non-alcoholic adventure. Brace yourself for a ride on the wild side of flavours, where the only thing strong is the commitment to fun. So, grab your mittens, muster your taste buds, and join in on the mocktail magic that's turning Kamloops into the coolest dry-cation destination this winter!

To help you plan your buzz-free adventure, we've curated our list highlighting the best mocktail spots in Kamloops. Explore the city at your own pace, indulging in flavourful concoctions that redefine the art of socializing sans alcohol.

ROMEOs Kitchen + Spirits

Embarking on a quest for alcohol-free euphoria in Kamloops leads us straight to the cozy and always delicious ROMEOs Kitchen + Spirits, where the winter wonderland meets mocktail paradise. With their igloos standing tall until mid-February, it's the perfect excuse to revel in the chilly charm while indulging in a world of flavours. ROMEOs boasts a lineup of mocktails that redefine the art of not-so-boozy bliss. From the invigorating Mint Refresher to the super yum Almost a Paloma, and the aromatic Basil Smash, each sip is a voyage into a world where taste knows no limits. 

Stills Co. Tapas & Cocktails

Newest to the mocktail scene, Owner Gina Davidson and Sous Chef Jade Krahn have crafted the enchanting Stills Co. Tapas & Cocktails, where they bring people together over delicious cuisine and honour the local ingredients of Kamloops. From their creative cocktail names to the warm and welcoming ambience, Stills Co. is the perfect setting to indulge in mocktails for every taste palette. 

The Stills Co. drinks menu includes alcohol-free alternatives for Whiskey, Rum or Tequila-drinkers, so you’ll have your pick of zero-proof drinks to enjoy! Visit their charming location on Lansdowne Street to quench those cravings and discover their thoughtfully crafted tapas. 


Maurya's Restaurant, Bar & Banquet

Since its opening in 2004, Maurya’s is a family-owned restaurant built on a passion for exquisite cuisine and East Indian Inspired Craft beverages. Renowned for their commitment to fresh, local ingredients, Maurya’s mocktail menu is a testament to their creativity. Featuring seasonal fruits, aromatic herbs, and house-made syrups and juices, their mixology expertise shines in their tanalizing mocktails. Truly unique is their Maurya’s Cola, adapted from an 1860 recipe; it’s a rich and smooth house-made cola to add to your must-try list. 

Celebrating their 20th year in the heart of Kamloops on Victoria Street, book your table to experience the passion and vision of Dilip and his wife, Preeti. 


Bright Eye Brewing

Bright Eye Brewing's non-alcoholic beverage menu boasts a diverse range of options to quench your thirst. From their signature Pale Ale to Hazy IPA, Phillips’ fans will not be disappointed with Bright Eye’s selection of non-alcoholic beers and craft sodas. You can also sip on the classics from their homemade Arnold Palmer, Lime-Aid, or Iced Tea.

Along ​​Tranquille Road on the North Shore, book a table at Bright Eye Brewing for your next Happy Hour Outing!


Gin Lane Co

Gin Lane Distilling & Cocktails is shaking things up with its selection of non-alcoholic drink alternatives and mocktails. Crafted by the talented folks at Red Collar, Gin Lane's zero-proof drinks bring you a taste experience like no other. Our personal favourite? The Lavender Haze Sour – it's an artful balance of floral and citrus that is a must-try for any cocktail enthusiast. But hey, whether you're a lover of classic mocktails, Kombucha, or non-alcoholic beer, they've got something for every palate. Cheers to guilt-free indulgence! 

Head over to their downtown location on Lansdowne Street to soak up the soothing vibes with a refreshing cold drink in hand. 



At Jadoo Restaurant, the experience goes beyond their enchanting rooftop views and straight to your tastebuds with their Eclectic Modern Indian Cuisine. Dive into a refreshing journey with Jadoo's enticing mocktail drink list. From vibrant Shirley Temples to artfully spiced Caesars, each sip will leave you wanting more. Perfect for those looking to embrace a non-alcoholic indulgence, Jadoo's mocktails add a burst of vibrant flavours to complement their masterfully crafted cuisine. 

Book a reservation at Jadoo for your next night out to taste them for yourself!


Cordo Resto & Bar

If you’re searching for regionally inspired cuisine to pair with mouth-watering mocktails, Cordo Resto & Bar has you covered. Cordo is derived from Cordillera, an intricate network of mountainous terrain marked by parallel ranges, plateaus, and diverse ecosystems. Truly inspired by their surrounding landscape, Cordo serves up food and drinks that honour the natural flavours and ingredients from the Thompson Okanagan. Their mixologists thoughtfully craft their drinks with herb-infused syrups made in-house. With variations of Sage, Honey, or Anise & Clove infused syrup, their non-alcoholic drinks are so flavourful that you won’t even miss the booze! 

Visit their website to see their full selection of non-alcohol Gin drinks and Mocktails.

Local Tip: To pair with your mocktails, use your 'Loops Explorer Pass to receive 25% off their locally-inspired cuisine.


Red Beard Cafe

Established in 2012, Red Beard Cafe identifies as “part Pub, part Cafe, part Restaurant”, but mostly a place to connect and catch up over drinks and good food. Whether you crave a hoppy IPA, prefer a dark Nitro Stout, or light Pilsner, Red Beard has an impressive selection of non-alcohol beers from Street Legal, so you can enjoy a cold one without breaking your Dry January goals. For mocktail lovers, they also boast Lummette alcohol-free Gin with tonic and blueberries. 

Located on the North Shore along ​​Tranquille Road, drop by to experience this amazing spot with a little something for everyone.


Bonus: Bring the Mocktails home with the Mocktail Mixery

Newly opened in December, the Mocktail Mixery is our go-to stop to stock up on alcohol-free bevies in Kamloops. With their wide selection of mocktails and Instagram-worthy barware, you’ll be able to find everything on your list to shake up refreshing mocktails right at home. Visit their location on Hillside Drive to stir up your inner mixologist.

This January, let your taste buds be your guide and relish every sip of creativity, health, and community. Cheers to a month of mindful exploration, vibrant tastes, and the joy of discovering Kamloops buzz-free! Don't forget to keep us in the 'Loop with your incredible adventures. Snap those memorable moments and share your journey with us by tagging @tourismkamloops and using the hashtag #ExploreKamloops