Written by: Bill Bilton, Head Pro, The Dunes and Sun Peaks

Equipment at the highest level is a very complex topic and the pros are using the best gear based on the science. The most practical advice is to "Start with your clubs and stick with science. Over the years, club makers have gone back to the books to study a physics concept called 'moment of inertia' to improve the performance of clubs from putters to drivers", Forbes, Golf Goes High Tech. Taylor Made leads the way on the PGA tour, with Callaway, Nike, Cobra, Ping, Titleist and a few others following suit - all high end brands with specs suited for world class players. The lie and loft angles are set perfectly for posture and ball flight preference; the shaft stiffness is set for swing speed. Most specs are obtained from a tour player, or any player hitting balls with a “Trackman”. The Trackman records the results – head speed, ball spin ratio, launch angle, etc. A professional fitter can then suggest the best shaft and club head for that player. Professionals usually have equipment with the weight of the club centered directly behind the “sweet spot” of the club head, whereas a weekend golfer may use a club with the weight distributed around the perimeter of the club head paving the way for good results on shots slightly amiss. A professional will have a golf shaft typically quite stiff for more control versus a novice player with a golf shaft with more flex. Hence, the importance of getting fitted!