What kid (or big kid) doesn’t love science? Even if you don’t have a passion for science, I guarantee you’ll LOVE the BIG Little Science Centre as our family did.

The BIG Little Science Centre first opened its doors in February of 2000 by Gordon Gore, a retired science teacher who aims to teach science through interactive and hands on teaching. We were fortunate to have Mr. Gore do the ‘Science of Light and Colour’ show on the Saturday we went to the Centre. The Centre has been in a few locations in Kamloops but now is at its home in the George Hilliard School on Kamloops’ North Shore. When we first walked in, we were cheerily greeted by Susan Hammond who showed us where we could put our coats, where the washrooms were, told us what time the show started and encouraged us to check out the interactive displays.

We were treated to a show first where Mr. Gore showed various experiments with light and colour. Takes me back to my days of high school science classes, though this was much more fun enjoying the oohs and aahs from the crowd, with no test after either (best part). Kids ranged from 3 years of age to teens, and along with grandparents and parents, the show was appropriate and fun for all. Our 5 year old son Calum was chosen as a volunteer and enjoyed being a part of the experiment with light.

Next we went to explore the hands on experiments. There are three classrooms devoted to hands on experiments (140+) and I’d recommend giving yourself a good 2 hours to explore them all. There are volunteers on hand to explain what to do, but the kids had a great time figuring out for themselves what would happen and each station has clearly written instructions. From blowing MASSIVE bubbles, experimenting with magnets, screaming into a sound proof box and enjoying the many mirrors which warp and contort your face and body, our family loved it. The nice thing too, was that there is so much room, you don’t ever feel crowded or pushed to rush through the Centre. And it’s cost effective too. It was $10 for our family of 4 (2 kids and 2 adults). There are special presentations each Saturday at 1:30pm, and they typically theme them from the Science of Christmas: Santa’s Secrets, to other fun shows and demonstrations. Check out the Tourism Kamloops page for more information and enjoy the wonders of Science this year!

Until next time,

Awesome Aleece