On November 7th, vote YES.

Friends, we are 3 weeks away from a very important date.  On November 7th, our community has the opportunity to capitalize on a new civic facility.  This proposed Performing Arts Centre is anticipated to create 64 jobs, provide $11 million/yr in economic spinoff, include 350 parking stalls and most importantly provide much needed event space for over 70 user groups.
Additionally, nearly half of the $90 million construction cost will be paid through a combination of government grants and sponsorships that are specifically available for this project.  Our mayor and council have made it clear that on November 7th, we are voting to borrow a maximum of $49 million for this project - a fiscally responsible figure for our taxpayers.
Learn more about the benefits of the new Performing Arts Centre.


As a supporter of the Kamloops Performing Arts Centre and Parkade, we have a small favour to ask.  We need you, family, friends, neighbours and colleagues to mark your calendar Nov 7th, vote YES.


For more information on the advance voting days of October 28th and November 2nd, as well as locations to vote on the general referendum November 7th, please visit http://www.kamloops.ca/referendum/votingplaces.shtml.


Please feel free to forward this email along to those who care about building a vibrant and sustainable future for Kamloops.
Here are some links to learn more about the proposed Performing Arts Centre:
Business Case
City Assent Voting Home Page
Yes Committee for Kamloops Performing Arts Website
Where to vote November 7th

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

Brendan Shaw
YES Committee for Kamloops Performing Arts
109 Victoria Street, Kamloops BC V2C 1Z4
Phone: (250) 319-4737