Hi I’m Obi, adventure cat extraordinaire from Kamloops who started hiking the trails around Kamloops when I was only 5 months old. My mom enjoyed hiking before I entered her life, however due to the purr-demic, all her hiking buddies moved away. Not wanting to hike alone, she decided to bring me along on all her adventures. Being an indoor cat, it was eye opening to see how big the world was outside our "university student suite”. I enjoyed all the new smells and getting to roll in the warm dirt as well as snack on the tasty green earth hair my mom says is “grass". 


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I love exploring in and around Kamloops because there are so many different views and meow-tains. Some days we hike through the tall trees to a gorgeous view, and other days we hike in the open flat grasslands. There are also always plenty of small critters ‘fur’ me to meet everywhere we go. While I have also tried paddleboarding, I must say that kayaking and hiking are my purr-ferred activities. Kayaking is great because I know I will never have to run into these weird looking cats my mom calls dogs… I am not a fan of those. I love hiking because of all the new smells and sceneries and it allows me to stretch my legs but also go in my backpack when I’m feeling tired.

As the resident ex-purr-t, here are my favourite hiking trails in Kamloops:

Gibraltar Rock


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Gibraltar Rock is one of my favourite hikes for the rewarding view of Paul Lake at the top! It's a bit of a steep-purr trail on the way up which can be tiring on 4 little legs, but it's no problem when I can snore the whole way down in my backpack, confusing my mom about what sound is coming from behind her!

Isobel Lake interpretive forest


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Isobel Lake is by far one of my favourite places to explore. There are tons of small animals for me to chatter at like geese, squirrels and chipmunks; but there’s also plenty of places to take a break and have some tasty treats. This trail stays flat so I don’t get too tired on it and usually walk almost the whole way! The only downside is there are too many paw-some photo opportunities which means sitting while mom takes about 1 million photos of me (the model life is a hard life). 

Cinnamon Ridge 


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Cinnamon Ridge is a perfect hike for the days when I’m feline super adventurous. The hike is pretty steep which means a decent amount of time in the backpack, but the area makes me feel like I'm in a whole other world! On the entire hike, I’m surrounded by sandstone which was something I had never seen before. I definitely recommend going on a cooler day so you don’t hurt your paws on the hot ground and make sure your parent has a backpack for you as some parts of the trail can be a little tricky for me and my other small 4 legged friends.

Mara Loop trail


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The Mara Loop trail is in a fairly open area making it great for me and other cats since our parents can see far up the trail allowing them to be ready if any puppy fur-ends are also out and about. The trail has a great view of Kamloops and a decent amount of grass patches for me to snack on which is always a must. There's no shade on the hike so make sure you are wearing your cooling vest or go on a cooler day.

I hope I see you out on the trails and be sure to follow our adventures on Instagram @outdoorobi.