Hi there, I’m Obi, for those of you who haven’t met me yet, I’m a local Kamloops adventure cat! I just celebrated my second birthday so I’ve been having a pawsome time exploring in and around Kamloops for just over a year and a half now. In the last year, I’ve gained many new fur-ends on Instagram were I’ve been sharing all my new adventures! I love hiking, kayaking and even camping. Here are some of the recent adventures I’ve been on close to Kamloops in the last year!

McConnell Lake

One of the newest places I’ve gone to explore is McConnell Lake! It’s a quick loop around the lake so I don’t get too tired on my 4 little legs, but if I do, mom’s right there with my backpack ready to give me a boost! There are so many different critters around the lake, last time I even found a weird-looking cat toy mom called a “snake” but, for some reason, she wouldn’t let me bring it home to my toy box?

Paul Lake

Paul lake has been one of my favourite BC parks to visit that’s local to Kamloops! I love kayaking on the water and peeking over the edge to see swimming fishies - sometimes I even try to see if I can catch one…but I’m not the best fisherman. Paul lake also has a huge open field where I can munch on some tasty grass and chase little bugs. Of course, I can’t forget one of my favourite hikes there, Gibraltar Rock. It sure is a steep hike up, but you can see the whole lake from the top (way more than I see out my windows at home)!

Lac Du Bois Grasslands

Some of my favourite local hikes are in the Lac Du Bois Grasslands. Driving up there your pawrents are bound to find a hike. Some of my favourites are the Mara Loop Trail and Battle Bluff. They both have a mix of steeper and flatter terrain and mom can see far ahead of us to know if I’ll have to hide from an incoming puppy dog!

Isobel Lake

One of my favourite places to explore ever since I was a kitten still has to be Isobel Lake! It has sooo many different sceneries for me to look at and model in-front of (I’ve gotten used to mom taking a million pictures of me wherever I go by now). I’ve also recently tried camping there. I had a great time making friends with frogs and cozying up near the fire with mom - make sure your pawrents bring lots of treats though, cause what’s camping without snacks!

Wells Gray Provincial Park

If you’re willing to make the drive, it’s so worth it to explore Wells Gray Provincial Park, about an hour and a half from Kamloops. It’s one of my favourite weekend trips to camp and hike around all the huge waterfalls, much bigger than the waterfall in my house that mom calls a “shower”. If you have little legs like me, make sure you ask your pawrents to bring a backpack for you to sit in on some of the tricky parts of the trails, I like to make my mom do all the hard work.