Disc golf is a fun and affordable way to get outside and soar to new heights while enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. Kamloops has four public disc golf courses, each with unique charm,  scenery, and thrilling challenges. Don't "putter" around any longer—grab your discs and get ready to "drive" your way to an unforgettable day outside in Kamloops!

Hot Tip For Disc Golf Enthusiasts: Disc Golf is thriving in Kamloops, and the Kamloops Disc Golf Club is one of the province's largest and most active. Join as a member for exclusive perks like event access and discounts at Okanagan Disc Supply.

If you are new to the world of disc golf, and want to learn more about the basics in our blog here.

Westsyde Centennial Park

Westsyde Centennial Park is Kamloops' newest disc golf course that has quickly become a favourite among players of all skill levels with its dynamic course design and the area's park-like setting.

The course features 9 holes and is designed to provide an enjoyable and accessible experience for beginners looking to learn the game or players who just want a quick game. Rubber mat tees ensure a stable and reliable launch pad for each throw, and Dispatcher Pro (original) targets add to the course's overall quality. The course is designed to be cart-friendly, allowing players to navigate the terrain with their equipment comfortably, and there is access to drinking water and restroom facilities for players' convenience.

Local Tip: Westsyde Centennial Park is wheelchair-accessible, making it inclusive and welcoming to individuals with mobility needs.

As a mixed-use public park, Westsyde Centennial Park offers fun beyond disc golf with soccer fields, a baseball diamond, waterpark, playground, pump track, and petting zoo, making it a great destination for families with younger children. 4-legged friends are not allowed on the course or in the green space.


McArthur Island Disc Golf Course

Nestled on the grounds of a former executive golf course, McArthur Island Disc Golf Course offers players a boldly unscripted setting for players of all skill levels to engage in their favourite pastime.

Local Tip: McArthur Park has a great 3-hole putting course on the park side of the course for those looking to practice their putts and try to sink a few discs.

McArthur Park is known for its lush landscape and established trees. You'll find willows and birch among these trees, creating a stunning backdrop as you navigate the course and adding an extra layer of challenge, requiring players to showcase their accuracy. McArthur Park is designed to be cart-friendly, allowing players to transport their equipment around the course with ease.

Designed by former world champion Eric McCabe, this beginner to intermediate-friendly course ensures an enjoyable experience for players who are new to the game. The course has 12'x5' concrete tee pads, providing a solid foundation for each throw and Dynamic Discs 28-chain Veteran Baskets guarantee a reliable target that captures discs securely.

McArthur Island Disc Golf Course is located within a mixed-use public park, with surrounding walking paths, open green spaces to relax, and picnic spaces to enjoy with friends and family. Players have access to drinking water and restroom facilities throughout the park. Like most other City of Kamloops parks, pets are prohibited on the disc golf course, McArthur Park green spaces, and its walking paths.


Rose Hill Disc Golf Course

Rose Hill Disc Golf Course, located in the hills above Kamloops, is a popular destination for experienced disc golf enthusiasts. This 18-hole course offers a thrilling and challenging experience with a panoramic view of the city.

Rose Hill is a pet-friendly park, allowing you to bring your furry friends along for the fun, with local walking and mountain bike trails for more outdoor Kamloops adventures. 

Local Tip: Be mindful of other park users and ensure a respectful and enjoyable experience.

Convenient amenities between the parking lot and the Tennis courts include a garbage bin, dog bags for waste disposal, and washroom facilities. Water stations are seasonal, and weather conditions (mainly wind) can change quickly, adding an extra element of challenge to your rounds and testing your skill.

The course features rubber mat tees, offering stability and durability for your throws. DISCatcher Pro (original) targets are strategically placed throughout the course, and the cart-friendly terrain allows you to navigate the terrain easily. Whether you carry your equipment or utilize a disc golf cart, Rose Hill accommodates various playing styles.

Copper Ridge Disc Golf Course

Copper Ridge Disc Golf Course, located just outside of Kamloops, BC, in  Logan Lake, is an intermediate to advanced 18-hole course that offers a memorable disc golf experience with exciting challenges and stunning views. This one-of-a-kind course blends the area’s natural flow of scrub to rocky outcrops with each hole, pushing you to explore the terrain.

Local Tip: The first basket is tucked away up the hill from tee #1, setting the tone for the adventure ahead.

Copper Ridge Disc Golf Course is known for its undulating landscape and hills that add an exciting elevation element to your shots. Navigating the course, you'll be met with uphill and downhill throws, and the varying elevations provide a physical challenge and breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes. Turf tees provide a stable and consistent launching pad for your throws, and DISCatcher Pro 24 targets provide a professional-quality basket to aim for.

The course has been an integral part of the park since its establishment in 2007, and its dog-friendly policy has made it a fan-favourite of locals and visitors alike.


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