The image of kids climbing the walls is a frightening one… unless they’re at Cliffside Climbing Gym located on Laval Crescent in Kamloops. As a mother of two young boys, I am constantly looking for things for my boys to do to help keep them active and to burn off a little energy.

The inside climbing gym is a perfect place for them to be kids and to have a great time. When you first enter the facility, there’s a lounge area, brightly coloured walls and a shoe rental/front desk area, plus some funky tunes coming out from the stereo system. It just looks like it’s going to be fun as soon as you walk in. The team at Cliffside are great too, especially Sabrina, who you can tell loves having the kids come in for some fun. Even though it’s fun, it’s pretty educational too as both boys know what ‘carabineer’ and ‘belay’ mean, and both know how to get in their harness unaided. My boys were in a class that ran each week and you could see real differences in them from the start of their sessions to the end in the difficulty of the walls they were climbing. Both boys were even having fun climbing blindfolded, and my 8 year old got so good, he was assisting in belaying kids bigger than him, a real confidence booster.
There’s a great balcony area for parents to watch the kids if they are not interested in climbing, but it makes for a good family time too. You’ll quickly be amazed at how good of a workout it is hoisting your body around a vertical wall, because the kids make it look REALLY easy (which it’s not).

The Cliffside Climbing Gym has group classes and drop in times, plus you can host parties there too, making it an all around awesome facility. And safety is of top concern to the staff, so you can rest assured that your kids will have fun and be safe too. So move over Spiderman, and watch your kids dazzle you with their wall climbing antics.

~ Awesome Aleece