1. Riverside Park


With its many trees, gardens and walkways, Riverside Park is an ideal location to see all the changing colours of fall. You can walk along the tree-lined River’s Trail within the park to see the changing leaves; have lunch and some hot chocolate at one of its numerous picnic tables; let the children play on the various playgrounds or throw a Frisbee around as a family; or check out the beautiful panoramic river view from the pier, with a backdrop of stunning autumn colours on the north shore.


  1. Kenna Cartwright Park Viewpoints


Enjoy great hiking trails in one of the largest municipal parks in British Columbia AND get great views at the same time. With breath-taking designated viewpoints and easy to advanced trails, Kenna Cartwright Park is a spectacular spot to see the fall colours in the city from above it all.


  1. Scenic Lookout off Columbia Street


If you want to enjoy a great view of the city without the hike, the Scenic Lookout off of Columbia Street (by the Howard Johnson Panorama) might be the place for you! From just outside your car, you can see the picturesque rivers, trees and city combining to paint a perfect fall scene.


  1. Rivers Trail


Riverside Park is not the only place along the Rivers Trail to enjoy the best nature has to offer in this fine season, there are many others! Explore the 40km of trails following the Thompson and North Thompson River valleys to view the reds, yellows, oranges and browns of fall in the historic and cultural sites, natural areas, urban parks, and public art along the way.


  1. Horseback Riding


Both Jandana Ranch and Erin Valley Riding Stables offer a unique vantage point for the colours of fall. Explore the trails and backcountry of Kamloops on horseback led by experienced guides to show you the magic and beauty of the season surrounding you.


  1. Stand Up Paddling


For a unique way to celebrate the colours of the season, try a stand up paddling tour of Heffley Lake with Paddle Surfit. Whether new or experienced at the popular sport, it will give you the opportunity to see the changing of the leaves from the middle of a lake.


  1. Golf


What better way to enjoy the fall colours than by taking advantage of the long golf season in Kamloops? From the beautiful courses suitable for every skill level, you’ll be awe-struck by the stunning and unique scenery surrounding you.


  1. Salmon Run and Hiking


A short distance from Kamloops offers another one-of-a-kind view of the season. Start by viewing the different colours of the trees as you hike on the various trails in Roderick Haig-Brown Provincial Park, and follow it up by stopping at the viewing platforms in the park to witness an amazing fall event – the spawning of the bright red and green coloured salmon in the Adams River.


  1. BC Wildlife Park


The BC Wildlife Park offers a fun way to view the flora and fauna of fall. Wander the paths in the park, or ride the train, to see all the changing colours plus over 65 different species of British Columbian wildlife.


  1. Tranquille Farm Fresh


With a farmers’ market, many different tours, a corn maze and much more, you’ll find fewer better ways to have an all-encompassing experience of autumn. It makes  for a flavourful, colourful and wonderful day for a flavourful, colourful and wonderful day for all!


~Sarah Reith