October is a great month for getting out and exploring. Here is your perfect excuse to book time off in your calendar and venture out to a new, unexplored destination. So why pick Kamloops in October? Here’s five reasons!

1. Pretend It’s Summer

There might already be snow on the ground in your city – but October in Kamloops is still beautiful. Most golf courses play into October, and you can still enjoy a tour of a winery. In October our trails are still in great shape for biking and hiking, and you don’t need to bundle up in the early morning or evening to take on an outdoor activity. As the wind starts to cool down in your community set your sights on Kamloops to warm up! Don’t believe us? You can check out the city right now through our live web cams.

2. Play Like a Local

One of the best ways to experience a new place is to do it just the way a local would. Locals know the best hidden spots to eat and drink; they know the trails and paths that are often left undiscovered by tourists; they know the best times to get to a destination; and they know the can’t miss treats. In October with less crowds and more locals you can truly blend in and play just like a local. You’ll be able to easily spot and chat with our Kamloops residents and get their advice on where to go, what to do, and who to see. When summer crowds are gone it’s easier to pretend you aren’t just visiting.

3. Experience Local

October is typically our final month for our Farmers' Markets. The downtown Kamloops Farmers’ Market is the perfect place to bring your morning coffee and purchase locally grown produce and handcrafted items. With over 100 diverse vendors, it’s a great place to do some shopping or find a gift. Depending on the weather this Market is open until the end of the month. The Kweseltken Farmers' and Artisan Market typically stays open until the beginning of October. Featuring locally crafted, grown, and produced items by Indigenous and Non-Indigenous business people or partnerships it offers visitors a great opportunity to take in a different market experience.

4. The Crowds Are Gone

While Kamloops is typically a destination you can go to avoid crowds, in October it is especially true. October typically is not a travel month – especially for our inter-provincial and regional travelers. As families settle back into the routine of back to school and people are prepping for winter holidays, you’ll be able to enjoy a trip that is crowd free. So while your coworkers are building their mood-boards for their escape from the snow you’ll already be sipping wine at one of our 4 wineries, hiking a beautiful hoodoo trail admiring fall colours, and touring our Back Alley Art Gallery.  You’ll feel like an absolute VIP.

5. Choose Your Own Adventure

Remember those books you read as a kid? Turn to page 7 if you’re feeling adventurous and bold or turn to page 8 if you want to lay low and relax? Well visiting Kamloops in October is a bit like that … No need to pre-plan. Show up as you are and when you push off the blankets in the morning and stretch you can choose your own adventure every day. If you feel like a round of golf, there will be a spot for you! If you feel like taking in a show at the Western Canada Theatre or the Paramount Theatre, there will be a seat ready for you! If you want to jump out of a plane, they will fit you in.

Kamloops is a place that will feed your spontaneity year-round – October is already a pretty spontaneous time to be vacationing so feed that curiosity and spin the wheel every morning you’re here.