Kamloops, BC: The five finalists of the 2012 Tourism Kamloops Cocktail Competition have been determined. On August 9th, Ramada’s Rooftop Lounge, Hoodoos at Sun Rivers, Terra Restaurant, Frick and Frack and ORA Restaurant Lounge will face off at St. Andrews on the Square where a panel of judges will select the overall winner based on the presentation by lounge, presentation of the cocktail and how well the cocktail tied into the city’s history.

2012’s competition embraced the celebration of Kamloops’ Bi-Centennial whereby participating cocktails featured an interpretation of the history of Kamloops. Using a maximum of six ingredients, the cocktails have been included on the establishment’s menu since July 9th and will remain after the competition until September 4th. Online voting took place weekly at www.tourismkamloops.com/cocktail. A total of 3866 votes were cast over the 4 week period.

“Tourism Kamloops would like to thank the restaurant partners for participating in this event. This event has allowed us to showcase Kamloops’ diverse hospitality industry and has encouraged locals and visitors to celebrate a significant historical milestone for Kamloops in a festive, summer-inspired fashion,” said Tourism Kamloops’ CEO, Ms. Lee Morris.

The 2012 Kamloops Cocktail campaign combined the innovation of local restaurateurs with the celebration of Kamloops’ Bi-Centennial, all in the spirit of embracing summer in Kamloops.


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