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September 16, 2015


Tourism Kamloops endorses YES vote for Performing Arts Centre


Kamloops, BC: Following the release of New Performing Arts Centre Business Case on September 10, 2015, Tourism Kamloops recognizes the positive impacts this new development will have on the city and local tourism industry. 

Arts and cultural tourism experiences have always formed part of the Kamloops tourism promotional conversation having direct connection to local family friendly attractions and community events.  “There is a strong desire for the local tourism industry to emphasize arts and culture experiences to encourage increased opportunities for overnight stays in shoulder and off-peak tourism seasons,” notes Monica Dickinson, Acting CEO.

Arts and cultural experiences also align naturally with several other notable Kamloops tourism experiences including food and wine, family travel and community events.  In recent years, a direct correlation has been realized between hosting events – sports, arts and community – and increased tourism revenues for the city. 

Tourism Kamloops endorses its positive support for a new Performing Arts Centre that will:

- Deliver overall economic impact of $11 million annually with approximately $3.2 million in  

   indirect economic activity to tourism and tourism related services.

- Draw approximately 20,000 visitors annually.

- Support Tourism Kamloops’ efforts to attract tourism visitors in shoulder and off-peak months.

- Enhance the ability to drive increased tourism revenues on behalf of the tourism industry.


For More Information:

Monica Dickinson

Acting CEO | Tourism Kamloops

250.372.8000 | monica@tourismkamloops.com