Tourism Kamloops was pleased to partner with Rocky Mountaineer to host 6 FAMS, a total of 70 participants, during the month of May.  The groups hailed from the UK (2), Germany, Eastern Canada, New Zealand and Australia – all destinations that have been identified by Destination BC as key markets.  The intent in supporting Rocky Mountaineer in hosting these FAMS is to create national and international relationships with tour operators, wholesalers and travel agents, and to showcase the Kamloops experience.  Participants on our FAMS are provided information about Kamloops, have any questions answered that they may have about the area and are offered ongoing support for all future trips they may have coming through Kamloops whether they are coming through on the Rocky Mountaineer or by fly/drive.  Through these FAMS, Tourism Kamloops is able to gain valuable information through a follow up survey that will allow us to gauge the value of travel trade tourism in Kamloops. 

Takeaways from the FAMS:

  • Participants are excited to have a direct contact that they can reach out to with any future inquiries
  • Participants are surprised at the size of Kamloops and how much we have happening here, some saying that Kamloops wasn’t on their radar before but it is now
  • Participants were impressed with Riverside Park, some saying that it reminded them of Stanley Park
  • The passion and expertise at Red Collar captivated the group
  • Many requested to be added to a newsletter to receive updates about Kamloops

Thank you to our local partners who assisted in co-hosting these FAMS with us:  The Noble Pig, Frick and Frack Taphouse, Fireside Steakhouse & Bar, Red Collar Brewery and Painted Pony Café.