As the birthplace of “freeriding,” Kamloops has always attracted mountain bike enthusiasts.  For many years Kamloops' hills and riders have been featured in the adrenaline and gravity rushing films such as "Pulp Traction" and "Cranked". And now, two Kamloops photos by local photographers and riders Steve Riffel and Mason Mashon have been selected as two of the top 32 submitted photos (of thousands across the globe) as Pinkbike's Photo of the Year. Steve Riffel's photo features an orginal Kamloopsian rider - Brett Tippie (@bretttippie) descending a dramatic landscape unique to our area and Mason Mashon's photo features Kamloops born rider Graham Agassiz (@GrahamAgassiz).   We need YOUR help to get these photos to the next round!

"Kamloops is one of my favorite places to ride in the entire world. The trails are flowy, the unique terrain has character, people are friendly, and the light is the stuff movies are made of! I’m proud to be a Kamloopsian mountain biker and am stoked to ride the ‘loops anytime!!" - Brett Tippie

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Steve Riffel


@riffstills Photo of the Year

Mason Mashon