Wrap up and head outdoors to discover fun for the family on a winter adventure in Kamloops. Get active with soft adventure activities that will help keep you warm this winter, as you bond over a snowshoe hike, pond skating, or an evening of star gazing together. But don't forget to turn your out of office on... the kids will thank you.

Out Of Office: Enjoying N(Ice) Quality Time

Strap your skates on and enjoy a classic Canadian experience at one of Kamloops’ outdoor ice-skating rinks for ice quality time with the family. Bring your own skates to enjoy volunteer-run rinks surrounded by snow-covered trees at Brocklehurst Arena & Pool, Westsyde Centennial Park, Pineview Valley Community Ice Rink, Juniper Ice Rink in Juniper Park, Dallas-Barnhartvale Church, and Heffley’s Len Haughton Park. Frozen lakes and ponds can also be skated on but be Adventure Smart and check for ice thickness. Albert McGowan Park, Stake Lake, Inks Lake, Little Heffley Lake, and Shumway Lake are all popular skating spots in Kamloops.

Out of Office: It's Past Naptime

Well... it's past naptime so you might as well tire them out! Hit the slopes and enjoy family fun sliding down the snow. Harper Mountain is only a 20-minute drive from Kamloops and here you’ll find fun for all ages at the Snow Town Tube Park. Take a lift up and then slide down for a thrilling ride, before warming up around the bonfire - hot cocoa for the kids, warm mulled wine for the parents... it's a no-brainer!

Out of Office: Up To Snow Good

Head for the hills and let the family fun run off pent up energy in the snow. Snowshoeing is a popular snowy pastime on the local hills including Harper Mountain (take the chairlift up and snowshoe down for après by the fire in the rustic lodge) but you can also enjoy snowshoeing on a lakeside or country trail. Stake Lake has family and dog friendly trails, Bush Lake has easy to access (and free) loops around the lake, and McConnell Lake also offers accessible trails for the family. More challenging trails and panoramic views can be found at Kenna Cartwright Nature Park (over 40km!) or Peterson Nature Park in the heart of the city.

Out of Office: Because I Said So

Snowy strolls in Kamloops are waiting. On the North Shore, Aviation Way is a 3.7km round trip flat, dog-friendly trail parallel to the airport that is part of the Rivers Trail route around the city. Or if you're looking for a winter hike in the hills, head out to the Tower Trail in Kenna Cartwright Nature Park, a 1.8km wide trail to panoramic views of Kamloops and the Thompson Valley.

Out of Office: Treating Ours(Elves)

Strap on your skinny skis, hit the trails, and treat your 'elf to an adventure in the snow covered forests. Kamloops is home to groomed trails such as the 60km of expertly groomed cross-country skiing tracks at Stake Lake, just 20 minutes south west of Kamloops, where you’ll find family-friendly ski routes (including furry members on 5km of dedicated dog-friendly trails). Slightly further out (around a 45-minute drive) is the resort of Sun Peaks Resort where you’ll find more than 37km of groomed trails right from the base of the resort, with more advanced backcountry trails at the peak. If you’re looking for a short trail, then Harper Mountain’s 3km loop of skate and classic Nordic skiing trail is ideal for families and is only a 30-minute drive from Kamloops.

Out of Office: Hanging With My Superstars

Grab a cup of hot chocolate to go from one of Kamloops’ cozy cafes and head out for a night with your superstars (family and the ones high in the sky). Kamloops Lake Viewpoint on Highway 1 is a popular spot to get away from the city lights and see star constellations sparkling in the night sky. Take advantage of early darkness and see the stars at Greenstone Mountain —wrap up warm and enjoy evening snowshoeing before settling into gaze at the stars together; 4-wheel drive is recommended.

Whether you take your toddlers tubing, or tackle cross-country skiing and snowshoeing with your teens, there are plenty of cool winter adventures in Kamloops to keep your family entertained away from the house this winter.