Valentine’s should be a breath of fresh air to all your loved ones. It’s the perfect excuse to gather, to connect, to surprise. Treat it as a golden opportunity to say, "I love you," "I like you," "I appreciate you"—or at the very least, it's a chance to stock up on boatloads of discounted chocolate on February 15...that ought to tide you over until Easter.

Welcome an opportunity to be creative, active and unique. If you’re looking for more than a dinner and movie dates, cards and heart-shaped chocolate boxes, simply step outside your door. (Probably grab your coat, the car keys and a couple of bucks----ooooh, don’t forget to pack the chocolate!)


Cross-Country Skiing

For those brave souls all bundled up in the great outdoors—adventure awaits enthusiasts of skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing or dogsledding.

(Follow AdventureSmart when heading to the outdoors)


Kamloops Storm Event

Treat the hockey player in your life to a night out at the Montreal Canadiens Alumni game on February 14th put on by Kamloops Storm. Tickets are available at Memorial Arena or by calling 250-574-7811.


Monte Creek Ranch Winery

Take a drive and visit Monte Creek Ranch Winery. Stock up on reds for winter, and crisp whites in hopes of an early spring.


Nothing says pampering quite like a spa day. Get the Couple’s Retreat Package at Aina Organic Spa or something luxurious from La Dolce Vita.


MP Snowshoe

Gather the whole crew for a snowshoe expedition—from Sun Peaks to Stake Lake, Harper Mountain to Lac Le Jeune, the possibilities are endless. 


Iron Road Brewing

Sleep in and stay out late; play Bingo at Lucky’s, indulge in tacos and pints at Iron Road Brewing.


Kamloops Art Gallery

Explore the Kamloops Art Gallery and treat your sweetie to a unique trinket.


Mittz Kitchen

The spontaneity route is always a good approach. Stroll hand in hand downtown Kamloops, poke around shops, sip lattes, and stop for a bite at Noble Pig Brewhouse, Mittz Kitchen, Terra Restaurant —or any number of fabulous local eateries.