Kamloops’ Farmers’ Markets are a true delight for the veggie lovers out there. Some of you might be thinking …“But Mark, I HATE vegetables and now that I’m older, I just won’t eat them.” If I can’t convince you to try the difference truly fresh veggies make in their taste and quality, then how about I tempt you with other delectable items like fruits, homemade breads, honey sticks, native-made bannock and tasty sweets.

[caption id='attachment_521' align='alignnone' width='295' caption='Mark, 1964 - Age 1. Retrieving vegetables from a Woodwards shopping bag.'][/caption]


Now we’re talking, right?! There are actually FOUR Farmers’ Markets in Kamloops which sell local produce and products from April through October. My Mom and Dad had a great garden when we lived in Kamloops and we were never short of fresh peas, carrots, beans, corn and tomatoes. I for sure ate more veggies when I was a kid, but the Farmers’ Market is a fun place to meet the farmers, growers, bakers and makers of great food, which more than makes me happy for good, healthy produce… yes, even veggies!

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So what’s your favourite vegetable? Mine is asparagus, believe it or not. We used to pick it wild when I was little, out by the Kamloops Airport. And for fruit, I'm a berry kind of guy… blueberries and raspberries, and oh yes, I definitely love watermelon!

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So head out to one of the Farmers’ Markets this year in Kamloops, meet the locals and stock up on some really amazing food!

~ Mark Madryga