Kamloops has a long and storied history in mountain biking, often referred to as the birthplace of freeriding and widely recognized for an abundance of fast and flowy single-track trails. However, there is a new form of biking that's gaining popularity world wide in locations that get blanketed in snow each winter.

Welcome to Fat Biking, a monster truck version of a normal mountain bike with extra wide tires for flotation in snow and sand. The wide tires aid in balancing your bike on more difficult trail sections and you can adjust your tire pressure according to the snow conditions for improved performance. If you work until the sun goes down in the winter months, look at getting a quality bike light to keep your legs spinning most nights of the week too.


Winter biking is a great way to spend time outside if you're looking for a new adventure. What makes it so appealing, is you can ride much further than hiking or snowshoeing in the same amount of time. Many people prefer to ride established trails in the winter as they offer faster speeds and less effort. More experienced riders will often ride less-traveled trails and softer snow.



Isobel Lake features free groomed trails which are maintained by a group of volunteers whose efforts are supported by donations at the local bike shops. Kenna Cartwright Park is a popular place to ride because of the abundance of trails and accessibility. Sun Peaks Resort offers fat biking on select trails with the purchase of a ticket.