The weather in Kamloops is warm, so that makes for a delightful time consuming the best summer treat … ice cream. But have you ever had gelato? I haven’t, until today and sad to say, I’m hooked.

A beautiful afternoon in Kamloops, and my two boys and I were taking a nice walk down the brick sidewalks of Kamloops. The trees have exploded into various shades of green and people are out walking their dogs, wearing sunglasses and sporting flip flops. I was looking for coffee and walked into the locally owned Zack’s Coffee, and what to my boy’s wondering eyes should appear, but a case full of specialty gelato. I’m an ice cream fan, as are they, but there’s something about the presentation of that Italian style ice cream known as gelato, sitting there looking all yummy and covered with special oozing icings and chocolate drippings.

The lady at Zack’s was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. She asked if the boys would like to sample before making their decisions, and after two samples for my 6 year old, and ahem … FIVE samples for my 8 year old, the youngest went for chocolate and chocolate chip and the eldest picked vanilla and chocolate. Of course, as their loving mother, I made sure I helped them finish the gelato which was so nicely put into their little cupcake-style cups.

I still did get my coffee and we sat outside on their sidewalk patio enjoying watching the people pass by, loving the sun and happy that summer has now been welcomed by a scoop (or two) of gelato! Mmmmm!


~ Awesome Aleece