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3 Dog-Friendly Hikes

September 1, 2021

Kamloops is an ideal outdoor getaway for you and your furry best friend. With 24 off-leash dog parks

5 Hikes in 5 Days

May 17, 2021

Five Hikes in Five Days – Spring in Kamloops Ask locals about their favourite hike in Kamloops and
Spend crisp fall days enjoying Kamloops' colourful trails as they turn the golden hues of autumn. The best time to enjoy these trails is during the month of October. Here are 5 accessible trails ideal for the whole family - strollers included.
Kamloops' semi-arid desert creates ideal terrain for spring hiking. Discover a trail network that encompasses golden grasslands, fragrant sagebrush, and chiseled hoodoos. Local hikers, Wayne and Johanna, share their love of hiking through their personal Instagram accounts to showcase Kamloops' diverse trails.
  Local hiker, Samantha DeSouza, shares how she began hiking Kamloops’ trails as an international student and how it differs from hiking in India.
  Kamloops' diverse landscape makes a unique trail system for every level of adventurer. Hike through golden grasslands, ancient hoodoos, aromatic sagebrush, and ponderosa forests.
Kamloops is well known for impeccable evening skies. Here are 5 of the best places to watch a sunset - don't forget to bring a camera.
Come for the adventure, stay for the apres. Here's how to spend 48 hours in Kamloops.
Spend brisk autumn days exploring Kamloops' vibrant trails as they take on the season's golden colours. The month of October is the ideal time to experience these trails. Here are 5 distinct fall hikes with breathtaking scenery and colours. 
Due to the diversity of the land and vast elevation changes, hikers in Kamloops are rewarded with

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