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Andre-Phillipe Gagnon

Andre Philippe Gagnon is the number one singing ipressionist in the world today. Known as "the man of a thousand voices", he has played to sold-out audiences around the world for over three decades. 

His impressions of famous personalities including Mick Jagger, John Lenno, Louis Armstrong, The Black Eyed Peas and even Fred Flintstone, and rapid-fire and amazingly spot-on. Gagnon can slip from Frank Sinatra to Pharrell Williams in the blink of an eye!

In 2018, Andre Philippe Gagnon is back with a brand new show called "The History of Rock and Roll". It's a musical journey through the soundtrack of our lives - from the fities to today. Gagnon borrows the coices from the eras to create the musical history of the last six decades. His new show combines music, comedy and multimedia to create an unforgettable night of entertainment! A must see for music and comedy fans alike.





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