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Cliffside + Hawking w/ IdioFame at the Blue Grotto

  • Dates: July 31, 2024
  • Location: The Blue Grotto
  • Address: 319 Victoria Street, Kamloops, BC
  • Time: 8:00 PM
  • Price: $20

CLIFFSIDE is a Canadian metal band. The band formed in 2017 and is comprised of Joel Issler (Guitar/Vocals), Ben Davis (Bass), and Taylor Thomas (Lead Vocals). 

After releasing their debut EP “Wilderness” in 2019, the band began the process of expanding their catalogue of music. Writing through a global pandemic, they found themselves back in the studio at Oodelally Recordings with Jordan Chase (Secret & Whisper/Stutterfly/Shreddy Kreuger) and Colton Douglas (Stasis/Cloaker). The message behind their music is simple: CLIFFSIDE desires to reach people through their music to inspire self-worth and hope in others. They continue to aspire to write music that’s vulnerable, real, and open minded based on their own personal victories and struggles.

For years, the term “prog” has been thrown around to describe a vast array of musical outfits with little sonic consistency from one to the next. When it comes to Vancouver-based 4-piece HAWKING however, the sense in which ”progressive” is meant is clear: embedded in the group’s ethos is a razor-sharp desire to subvert expectations and tear past the boundaries of what modern metal music can sound like. HAWKING steps outside of tropes like ‘prog’ and ‘djent’, shapeshifting aggressively into whatever form they choose.  

HAWKING was born into existence in 2014, and have spent the years since refining and meditating on the presentation of their work. Relentless touring and writing would sharpen their musicality, technical prowess and sense of duty as a creative force. From emotionally invigorating spells cast by tactically precise compositions, to intense and cathartic live performances that guide us into the darker recesses of our minds, the mysticism HAWKING exudes has proven to be as captivating as it is rejuvenating for fans of progressive music worldwide.

Though their on stage energy can be unrelenting and downright aggressive, HAWKING’s thoughtful communication and presence continually remind us to honour our inner truth above all else; to resist those external forces seeking to groom us into something other than ourselves. It is this attitude and ethos that has garnered HAWKING global interest and given rise to an intimately connected and widespread following.

IDIOFAME is a melodic punk band from Kelowna, BC. They’re 5 guys who really like each other. So grab your friendship tube and join in on the fun! For fans of Propagandhi, Strung Out, and Knuckle Puck.

19+ event.




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