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FireFit Worlds & Canadian National Championships

  • Dates: 9/25/2024, 9/26/2024, 9/27/2024, 9/28/2024, 9/29/2024
  • Address: TBA, Kamloops, BC
  • Time: TBA
  • Price: TBA

  Experience the Thrills at FireFit Championships!

Prepare to witness the pinnacle of firefighting prowess at the FireFit Championships, a riveting competition that replicates real-life emergency scenarios. This event is a culmination of dedication, strength, and tactical skill. From battle-hardened 10-year veterans to eager first-time rookies, FireFit welcomes participants of all backgrounds. The camaraderie among competitors is palpable as they unite in their quest to conquer the challenges posed by firefighting tasks.

*More information about this event will be added as it is released.




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