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Tranquille Farm Heritage Tour

This year we offer 6 Heritage Tours in September and October.  The tours are normally 90 minutes in length. We unpack 6,000 years of history at the site and often have visitors contribute to the tour with their stories of connection to Tranquille. You are welcome to take pictures on our tour as long as it is not disruptive to the other participants. 


Some of the history covered includes:


  • Aboriginal hunters & gatherers
  • Early days of the Hudson’s Bay Company
  • River Commerce of the 1800’s
  • The tale of two family’s empires
  • The betrayal of a widow
  • The rise & fall of two medical institutions
  • Read the stories and the names in the tunnels of other visitors


A walk through a section of the tunnels and learn about their history and purpose. We use a trailer to move around the site mixed with some walking amongst the buildings and tunnels.

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