Falling for Fall

While we’re big fans of summer, there’s something about fall that gets us amped up to get outdoors and enjoy fall activities in Kamloops. There’s an urgency in the air along with the evening chill reminding us to get out and enjoy everything autumn has to offer in Kamloops before our first big snowfall (which brings its own adventures with it - but we won’t speak of that word again). Speaking of autumn adventures, we hand-picked the top 10 favourite things to do in the fall to help you spend your time like the locals. From a back alley art gallery tour and pumpkin patches to celebrating BC craft beer month, there’s something for everyone to fall for. 


In Kamloops, we welcome visitors like a neighbour - with open arms, a hot tip on where to cast a line one last time, and a seasonal craft beer that’s only around as long as the leaves are. The sun might set a little earlier, but that just means that we have to make the most of the time we have - something we’re pretty good at. With fall activities like the annual Sockeye Salmon Run, leaves crunching under our boots on a brisk hike, and the smell of seasonal scents made fresh at restaurants around town, we embrace the changing of the seasons and welcome you to do the same before it’s too late!


Kamloops Travel Deals

You don’t need to be a local to get a locals-only deal. Good thing we've secured the best travel deals and discounts available in Kamloops so that you can spend your money on more important things… like sipping your way through Kamloops’ craft beer or wine scene, catching a live theatre production, or taking in the colours of fall at the annual Sockeye Salmon Run.

Check out these budget-friendly options for your next visit!



So, Why Kamloops?


The good times don’t stop when the leaves fall. Check out more incredible things to do around Kamloops while you’re in town.