Tourism Kamloops promotes Kamloops as an attractive, affordable and accessible getaway for outdoor enthusiasts, families, athletes and weekend warriors. We lead innovative marketing strategies to promote Kamloops as a valued tourism destination. Tourism Kamloops promotes a culture of collaboration, innovation and fun. 


Who We Are

As destination marketers, we know that the tourism industry is a constantly evolving, dynamic, and exciting environment. We also know that travel consumers are more in control of their travel decision-making than ever before.

We want our visitors to be excited about a Boldly Unscripted adventure in Kamloops. In Kamloops, real places and rough edges are embraced as a sign of memories well-made, and adventures well played. Whether you've got fun between your legs on your bike, birdie (or bogey) your way across some of Canada's most beautiful golf courses, or hike and taste wine at new heights, Kamloops has what explorers crave.

Kamloops’ accommodation partners, attractions, events, and businesses are driven by tourism success. Our team and organization are here to ensure our stakeholders, partners, and community have the tools and resources to produce top-notch visitor experiences. We are destination champions and passionate ambassadors…and most importantly we are a super cool, super fun, always innovating, always creating, never afraid to challenge the norm kind of team.


Our Values Are Pretty Important To Us

▶ Be real. Be bold. Be you.
▶ Our community is our soul. Create greatness together.
▶ Live with intention.
▶ Fiercely protect the spaces we live and play in.
▶ Act inclusively, live diversely.
▶ Be the voice for this valley. If you are loud enough, it will echo.


Current Opportunities 

  • Stay tuned for future opportunities!