Tourism Kamloops promotes Kamloops as an attractive, affordable and accessible getaway for outdoor enthusiasts, families, athletes and weekend warriors. We lead innovative marketing strategies to promote Kamloops as a valued tourism destination. Tourism Kamloops promotes a culture of collaboration, innovation and fun. 


Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Overview of Tourism Kamloops:

Tourism Kamloops acknowledges and gives honour to the traditional territory of the Tk'emlúps te Secwépemc within the unceded ancestral lands of the Secwépemc People that we live, work, play, and welcome visitors to.

Tourism Kamloops operates as a not-for-profit society with an overarching mandate to market, promote and support experience development that will drive visitation and create economic benefit through the growth of the visitor economy.

Tourism Kamloops has instilled and practiced unwavering fiscal rigor, prioritized internal expertise and human resource development, and sought out and delivered innovative strategies and tactics.  We have progressively invested in technology to ensure our community and industry leadership continued momentum even through crisis and uncertainty.

Prior to the pandemic Tourism Kamloops’ board prioritized and dedicated resources to support and lead destination development, data and insights gathering and analysis to support decision making, stakeholder trainings, resident advocacy, and event support. The organization has also focused on diversifying revenues contributed to a sustainable fiscal plan.

Tourism Kamloops' brand invites guests to explore our welcoming city and encourages them to experience an authentic story-filled adventure.

Our brand is true to the essence of Kamloops – we want our visitors to get the same feeling about our city as locals do. Kamloops has so much to offer all year to those who take the time to discover it, and our brand invites people to do just that.

Kamloops does not need a lot of planning. Spontaneity is the norm. Doing what feels right, right now and seeing where it all takes you. That's going Boldly Unscripted.


Our Purpose

Amplify our community with intention, unleashing the power of our BOLD, REAL people, and spaces.


Our Mission

Partner with stakeholders as the leader for strategic

development support and planning through implementing

innovative technological marketing strategies to promote

Kamloops as a valued tourism destination.


Our Vision

Come share the experience and play like a local.


Our Values

Be real. Be bold. Be you.

Our community is our soul.

Create greatness together.

Live with intention.

Fiercely protect the spaces we live and play in.

Act inclusively, live diversely.

Be the voice for this valley.

If you are loud enough, it will echo.


Position Summary:

Tourism Kamloops’ Board of Directors is looking for a passionate leader to champion and drive the visitor economy in Kamloops. As a community champion the CEO will lead with innovative solutions in support of the organization's mandate, our community, and our stakeholders.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Tourism Kamloops is responsible for the leadership and management of all daily operations of the organization in its mission to brand, market, and grow Kamloops as a valuable tourism destination.

Reporting to the Chair of the Board and accountable to the Board of Directors, the CEO is responsible for providing vision, energy, passion, and commitment to advancing the mandate for Tourism Kamloops.

Working with a talented team and in collaboration with industry, regional, community and indigenous partners, the successful candidate will lead the establishment of organizational strategies and objectives to ensure Kamloops maintains a competitive advantage as a destination of choice, meeting the needs of communities and travelers today and into the future. This includes working with partners to ensure the Kamloops experience is authentic, true to brand and sustainable.

The CEO will bring a transformative approach to supporting and promoting the tourism sector in Kamloops. As the spokesperson for the organization and leader of a team of professionals, the CEO will provide clarity of purpose, and promote an environment of inclusivity, collaboration, accountability, continuous improvement, and innovation.

The CEO will coordinate the work of internal and external partners and groups in making the best use of complex data, focusing resources, formulating strategic plans, enhancing destination development, ensuring sustainability, and developing meaningful and relevant partnerships.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities


The CEO will:

  • Provide strong and effective leadership to all employees and create an environment where team members thrive, belong, and express their talents. Promote a culture that will continue to promote Tourism Kamloops as an attractive place to work.
  • Ensure the provision of a quality and safe workplace where staff are motivated, guided, and directed to contribute to the realization of Tourism Kamloops’ mandate and goals
  • Lead with integrity, fairness, and transparency; champion diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the organization and industry.
  • Oversee all business functions of the organization, including: marketing and communications; stakeholder and community engagement; partnerships; fiscal responsibility; innovation; and administrative functions.
  • Work closely with the leadership team and key stakeholders to develop and implement a comprehensive annual operational plan, aimed at maximizing the organization’s effectiveness through the alignment and agreement on goals, including room nights and other industry benchmark measures.
  • Ensure the organization meets or exceeds all goals and objectives by continuously monitoring the strategic plan, the ongoing measurement of results, and proactive re-evaluation as needed.
  • Provide motivational leadership for Tourism Kamloops’ leadership and team, assuring these individuals operate as a cohesive, responsive, and results-driven team. Provide vision, direction, coaching, counseling, and development opportunities. Ensure the leadership team is provided with appropriate resources to effectively carry out the strategic functions of their department.
  • Assure a workplace culture that is inclusive, innovative, supportive, and rewarding, where performance is regularly evaluated, feedback and development opportunities are provided, improvement measures identified, and achievement is recognized and rewarded.
  • Ensure strategic investment in research and analytical tools to assist the organization with identifying trends, new and developing market opportunities, measuring success, and developing strategies that evaluate positive return on investment.



The CEO will:

  • Manage and nurture existing and seek out new potential funding sources to ensure a stable, adequate, and continuous funding base in support of Tourism Kamloops and its marketing strategies. Initiate innovative strategies to increase and further stabilize the funding base.
  • Ensure that the expenditures of hotel occupancy taxes (MRDT) are compliant with Provincial laws, Board policies and meets organizational obligations to stakeholders and as the custodian of public funds.
  • Submit timely and accurate reporting and communication to all funding sources, agencies and municipalities as required.
  • Develop strategies to identify and pursue new sources of revenue or services which would assist Tourism Kamloops in carrying out its mission and grow its funding.
  • Work with leadership to develop the annual operating budget and staffing requirements to present to the Audit Committee and Board of Directors for approval. Ensure adequate time (1 week minimum) is allotted between presenting draft financial documents and/or decisions and/or review required by the board of Directors.  Work with the Audit Committee to monitor the annual budget and adjust the allocation of resources as required.
  • Work with the Board finance/governance committee to ensure sound internal controls, segregation of duties, and development of policies and procedures to ensure prudent and transparent management of organization resources, including hotel tax funding. Participate in an annual audit and ensure all regulatory filings are reviewed and completed in a timely manner.
  • Ensure all organizational activities are implemented and in compliance within established Board policies and procedures, bylaws, guidelines, laws, and ethical standards. Ensure enforcement of policies and corrective measures as required.



The CEO will:

  • Champion stakeholder engagement
  • Maintain active involvement in the community to enhance the visibility, reputation, and value of Tourism Kamloops. Ensure an understanding in the community of the mission of Tourism Kamloops and the programs services available.
  • Implement advocacy programs and educate and enlist the support of community leaders, stakeholders, government officials, Board members and partners in the promotion of tourism initiatives in the city.
  • Serve as primary spokesperson for the organization. Develop and nurture media relationships; provide interviews and media appearances as required.
  • Strengthen and ensure a collaborative working relationship/membership with TOTA, BCDMOA, DI, TIABC, DC, Destination BC and KAA (Kamloops Accommodation Association) at all levels of the organizations.
  • Establish effective communication networks throughout the Kamloops community and within the industry to ensure a consistent and regular flow of information.
  • Develop relationships with Federal, Provincial and local government officials in order to advance the mission of Tourism Kamloops and advocate for the tourism economy.
  • Regularly attend industry and advocacy events at the Federal, Provincial, and local level where relevant.
  • Stay current on Provincial and Federal policy issues that impact the tourism economy; advocate and lobby on issues as directed by the Board.
  • Participate in municipal development discussions and be an active partner in supporting economic development in the region; regularly attending events, working groups, and relevant task force meetings.



The CEO will

  • Work with the Board Development Committee, to ensure recruitment and development of a well-qualified and diverse Board of Directors that is representative of the tourism industry and key community stakeholders.
  • Ensure the Board has all the information necessary to properly exercise its responsibilities; report all relevant information regarding Tourism Kamloops operations to the Board on a timely basis; identify opportunities, develop, and presents alternatives, and recommends courses of action to the Board for consideration.
  • Ensure the Board Directors are oriented to the mission and objectives of Tourism Kamloops and possess the tools and key messages to serve as advocates for the organization and the Kamloops tourism economy.
  • Support the Board in establishing the vision and long-range strategic plan for the organization that allows it to fulfill its mandate identifying key priorities for the organization and the tourism industry.
    • Ensure the long-range strategic plan is monitored and implemented under the direction of the Board of Directors and committees of the Board.
    • Work with the Board Chair to develop Board and committee agendas. Ensure proper presentation by Board members on Board committees. Participate in developing and assigning work plans for Board and committee execution. Promote and encourage active Board involvement in the achievement of Tourism Kamloops’ tactical objectives.
    • Ensure sound governance, business ethics and fiduciary oversight of the Board of Directors, and the organization by working with the Board to develop bylaws, policies, and procedures in accordance with all relevant regulatory requirements and non-profit society best practices.
    • Ensure transparency to the Board of Directors, partners, and community.
    • Serve in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors and all Board committees as requested and guide the Board of Directors on matters related to the local tourism economy and destination marketing industry.
    • Ensure the board receives regular updates on progress towards the goals and objectives outlined in the Board Strategic Plan and annual organization operating plan.



The CEO will

  • Have full responsibility and ultimate authority for supervisory decision making not only for direct reports but for all employee team members within the organization.
  • In adherence with Board policy, the CEO will make decisions related to the selection, promotion, compensation and discipline of all employee team members.
  • Assure appropriate training is facilitated for new employees, personally participating as necessary, to ensure established procedures are clearly understood and followed.
  • Ensure appropriate performance management programs are established for the leadership team and administered in an accountable and timely manner.
  • Answer employee questions, resolve work-related issues and interpret organization policies to staff to improve the quality and efficiency of work performed within accountable areas.
  • Administer company policies in a fair and equitable manner and fully documents all incidents and actions taken.



The CEO will:

  • Oversee the development and implementation of annual operational plans that ensure Tourism Kamloops maintains its competitive advantage as a destination of choice.
  • Provide overall leadership for the organization in achieving the goals and objectives of Tourism Kamloops.
  • Develop strategies and implement programming to support targeted campaigns and product development.
  • Work with local officials and private industry to enhance and support tourism product development that will benefit the tourism industry and community. (e.g. convention center expansion, transportation options, etc.)
  • Maintain and increase professional and technical knowledge by participating in industry conferences and professional associations, and actively pursue development plans as established by the strategic plan.
  • Participate in regional, national/international destination marketing and meetings associations to keep abreast of industry changes.
  • Other related work as necessary to support the mission of Tourism Kamloops.
  • Establish and maintain positive and productive relationships with the community and all partners. Sets the tone for a collaborative approach to ensure destination alignment
  • Position Tourism Kamloops as a strategic partner and trusted advisor to stakeholders and local business partners



The Chief Executive Officer works from the Tourism Kamloops office based in Kamloops, BC and reports directly to the Board of Directors. The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for regularly reporting to the Board of Directors on all matters associated with the Essential Duties and Responsibilities of the CEO position, previously outlined.



Education / Experience

  • University degree in a related discipline or an equivalent mix of education and experience. A postgraduate degree is an asset.
  • A demonstrated ability to partner with, and be a trusted advisor to, stakeholders, industry, and government officials.
  • A proven track record of success in leading a multi-disciplined marketing and sales organization, department, or division.

Candidate Requirements

  • Senior executive experience, in a multi-partner environment.
  • Experience working with a Board of Directors.
  • Background within the tourism industry would be preferred.
  • Knowledge of Kamloops and BC is an asset.
  • Demonstrated capacity to work with and leverage data and a proven visionary to create innovative solutions to development and experience.

Specific Requirements

  • A proven leader at every level. The ability to bring together a team and partners to work toward a common goal and vision.
  • Has the professionalism, energy, and enthusiasm to lead an industry and the intelligence, creativity, and strategic abilities to continuously move the organization forward.
  • Able to work with stakeholders, industry, government(s) as a key partner. Will inspire and influence partners to invest financially and emotionally in Tourism Kamloops’ vision for long term prosperity and sustainability.
  • Strategic in all respects including an approach to relationships; can work with diverse partners and take on a global industry approach.
  • Demonstrated success in a consumer-driven marketing organization.
  • Ability to implement marketing strategies that will engage consumers and has engaged in the creation of highly successful brand building campaigns.
  • Highly adept at change management; demonstrates the ability to keep people engaged and energized through constant change and diversification.
  • Has a track record of developing and maintaining a diverse high-performance culture.
  • A team builder who can maximize resources and unite a team under a common, shared vision.

Personal Characteristics

  • Resilient. Has the energy, drive, and fortitude to move an organization forward particularly in challenging environments.
  • Visible, extremely collaborative, and adept at fostering relationships.
  • Possesses excellent listening skills.
  • Strong political acumen.
  • Results oriented, data-driven, and takes a proactive approach; focused on impact.
  • An excellent communicator with the ability to be a persuasive consensus builder.
  • Comfortable making tough decisions; stays the course. Possesses sound judgment.
  • Has developed a reputation for uncompromising professional integrity and personal values and character. Is trustworthy and can build trust amongst diverse partner groups.
  • Creative; open to new ideas and new ways of doing things and understands the value of compromise when operating in an environment that serves broad and diverse constituencies.
  • Strong sense of accountability for the effective utilization of public resources.
  • Approachable and personable.



To apply, please send your application package (outlined below) to:


Format for applications should be presented as follows:

  • A covering letter—describing briefly why the appointment is of interest and what you believe you can bring to the role.
  • A full CV containing the following information:
    1. Title, full name, address, daytime and evening telephone numbers and email address
    2. Present and previous roles
    3. Details of education and professional training and qualifications
    4. Any other relevant information such as offices held in professional bodies, community services etc.