‘That which is measured improves.”   - Karl Pearson


In June 2019, I joined the Tourism Kamloops team as a research and data analyst. Creating this position has allowed Tourism Kamloops to collect relevant data to ensure we are making the best decisions in all areas of our business..  From understanding who our visitors are, where they come from, when they visit and what motivates them to visit are instrumental for proactively targeting them.  Once they visit, we also want to understand their sentiments and propensity to promote Kamloops to friends and family in future.

Our industry partners, residents and our community are equally as important. We want to make sure that our programming, strategic priorities, investments and events align resulting in stronger business opportunities and initiatives to enhance our local economy and business viability.

To hit each of these targets, we select research programs that help us to answer our most pressing questions. For 2020 we have identified the following top research priorities:

  1. Accommodation industry performance using data reports from CBRE, STR, Air DNA, the BC Ministry of Finance and direct from Kamloops hotels helps us to understand local accommodation industry performance in comparison to other destinations.  This data reveals occupancy rates, average daily room rates, revenue per available room and overall room revenues.

  2. Destination visitation volumes using TELUS Insights reports and independent survey tools for in-destination visitor engagement. Understanding visitor volumes is a direct gauge of industry performance and knowing an accurate measure of the actual and potential Kamloops visitor market.

  3. A year-long visitor intercept survey delivered in person and online to Kamloops visitors. High volume locations such as the Kamloops Airport, hotels, attractions, and events will provide opportunities to engage visitors to understand in destination spending, length of stay and travel motivations.  The survey will also segment visitor types to identify business, leisure and group travel as well as activities enjoyed while in Kamloops. Visitor satisfaction (or Net Promoter) will also be gauged.

  4. Value of Tourism metrics will be updated annually, highlighting total industry economic impact and visitor volume.

  5. Sector and event economic impact are important measures to understand year over year sector and event performance. We will be partnering with local groups including golf, wine, fishing, sport and culture as well as a myriad of our event partners to understand their economic contribution to the Kamloops tourism industry.

  6. Sentiment analysis measures online consumer sentiment about Kamloops and our travel motivators (mountain biking, golf, fishing, sport, arts & culture, wine, etc.).

  7. Stakeholder & Resident Surveys gather feedback on sentiment and perceptions regarding our organization’s performance, our strategic priorities, the importance of tourism to Kamloops, our programming.

We’d love to hear from you!  What are you measuring that could be shared? What questions are you most interested in and what areas would you like to see us focus on in the year ahead?  

When we know more, we do better…together.


Questions and feedback? Send them my way rob@tourismkamloops.com.