Fall campaign salmon run header

Have you ever experienced the sudden, sharp Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)? 

Young, urbanite couples are particularly prone to this condition. To help this demographic avoid FOMO this fall, we’ve officially kicked off a new campaign that highlights the top things to do in Kamloops over the fall.

We’re prescribing a fall road trip where these trendsetters can watch the annual salmon run,  knock back a few craft brews before picking out the perfect pumpkin at a local patch for Insta-worthy selfies, and end the day with a hike to enjoy a romantic, sunset view. 

Our campaign will target couples aged 25-55 years old without children living in Greater Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton who have the flexibility to travel during the fall when families are focused on school. By highlighting how these visitors can join in the autumn fun just like any local, we are working to drive overnight visitation over the off-peak season, encourage longer stays, and inspire return trips.

All of our campaign activities will direct web traffic to our fall landing page, which has been optimized for mobile use and features relevant fall stories, travel deals, and local gems, motivating site visitors to actively plan their trip to Kamloops. Ads will be placed where our target audience is most likely to see and take action, including:

  • Facebook,
  • Instagram,
  • YouTube, and
  • Google’s display network of websites.

We’ll also be sponsoring an article on Daily Hive, a popular online news site, to reach audiences to promote seasonal activities. Additionally, we’re testing the use of programmatic audio and video advertising with Stingray, a media group with a wide network of streaming services to reach audiences. Finally, we’ll continue to capitalize on paid search advertising and our own email database of consumers to amplify our messaging.

Here are a few examples of ad creative from the campaign:

Fall campaign 1Fall campaign 2fall campaign 3

The campaign runs from September 7 through October 31, 2022. By a wide margin, the fall salmon run has been our best-performing content to date. The top five cities sending the most traffic to our landing page are Vancouver (20%), Calgary (16%), Edmonton (11%), Surrey (11%), and Burnaby (4%). Top sources of traffic are consistently Facebook, Paid Search, and Display advertising.

Stay tuned for more details and a fun collaboration with an influencer whose quirky, comedic content will help us connect even more strongly with our campaign’s target audience.