Tourism Kamloops is excited to celebrate the Hospitality Industry in Kamloops for the 6th year in a row! In partnership with Kamloops This Week’s Readers’ Choice Awards, Tourism Kamloops is shining the spotlight on the best of the best working in our tourism sector. With a focus on hospitality excellence, the 6 BOLD Hospitality Categories showcase industry rockstars and recognize those who consistently go above and beyond to provide memorable experiences for visitors and locals alike.

Kamloops This Week’s Readers’ Choice Awards is Kamloops’ original and longest standing recognition program to name the best of our community. By partnering with Kamloops This Week, our goal is to highlight the exceptional tourism offerings our city has to offer and acknowledge the people that make it all possible. The 6 BOLD Hospitality categories in the Awards program, not only recognize outstanding individuals and businesses, but also emphasize the importance of hospitality excellence in creating memorable experiences for both visitors and locals.

Readers Choice Bold Awards

We’re thrilled to highlight these six categories:

Accommodation ‘FOH’ of the Year (Front of House): Awarding the exceptional hospitality pros who provide personalized and memorable experiences for guests, starting from the warm and personalized welcome at the front desk or valet, setting the stage for an outstanding stay.

Accommodation ‘BOH’ of the Year (Back of House): Recognizing the dedicated Kamloopsians who go above and beyond to make your stay exceptional by maintaining a flawless ambiance and ensuring a comfortable experience behind the scenes.

Food & Beverage ‘FOH’ of the Year (Front of House): Celebrating the rockstars who deliver outstanding service and unforgettable experiences at their dining establishments, leaving a lasting impression on guests.

Food & Beverage ‘BOH’ of the Year (Back of House): Highlighting the exceptional chefs, cooks, and dishwashers who skillfully create tantalizing dishes that leave guests eagerly anticipating their favorite meals.

Tourism Attractions Leader of the Year: Paying tribute to those who exemplify exceptional hospitality and enthusiasm in curating memorable experiences at local attractions, enhancing the overall Kamloops tourism journey.

Tourism Services Leader: Honoring those exceptional individuals who go above and beyond in their tourism sector roles to ensure that guests have an outstanding experience - from the tour shuttle driver to the friendly lawn mower.

The individuals honored in these award categories play an essential role in Kamloops' thriving tourism industry. They contribute massively to its success and reputation as a destination. From the warm and personalized welcomes at accommodations to the exceptional service provided at dining establishments, these dedicated professionals create memorable experiences for guests that leave a lasting impression. Behind the scenes, their unwavering commitment ensures flawless ambiance, comfortable stays, and culinary delights that keep visitors eagerly anticipating their favorite meals. Their enthusiasm and exceptional hospitality in curating memorable experiences at local attractions enhance the overall journey for tourists, making Kamloops a preferred destination. Their collective efforts contribute to the positive reputation of Kamloops as a premier tourism spot, attracting visitors and fostering repeat visits through their outstanding service and dedication.

Nominations are open until June 30th, and we’re inviting everyone - peers, managers, Kamloopsians and visitors - to submit a nomination and help us celebrate the rockstars in Kamloops’ tourism industry. Once nominations close, you’ll have the opportunity to vote and have your say in determining the winner.