As winter slowly fades away and the first signs of spring start to pop up, Kamloops transforms into a vibrant playground ready to welcome visitors from near and far. This year, our spring marketing campaign has been a journey of engaging storytelling, exciting activities, and memorable experiences. Here’s a recap of how we’ve been making Kamloops the ultimate springtime destination.
Spring Break Adventures: Inviting Families to Kamloops

March marked the beginning of our Spring Break campaign, focusing on fun-filled family adventures both indoors and outdoors. With Kamloops warming up faster than our northern neighbors in Prince George and cities like Calgary and Edmonton, we positioned our city as the perfect escape from the lingering winter chill. The campaign drove traffic to our blog, highlighting a huge variety of snow-free activities, from scenic hikes to family-friendly attractions.

This campaign focused on driving awareness of snow-free activities in the city, leveraging Google and Meta ads along with sponsored content to maximize reach. The core message? Kamloops is where the snow ends, and the fun begins. Parents and adventure seekers flocked to our website, eager to discover the greener side of BC. Check out our family-friendly spring break guide here.

Spring in Kamloops

Spring Brand Campaign: Your Springtime Playground is Calling

April saw a shift in our focus as we launched the Spring Brand campaign on April 2nd. Embracing the theme “Your Springtime Playground is Calling,” we showcased Kamloops as the ultimate destination for outdoor enthusiasts. As tourism begins to pick up during this shoulder season, we emphasized activities that make the most of our unique landscape – think hiking, biking, fishing, and the start of patio season.

This campaign is one of our largest investments of the year, spreading across multiple platforms. From significant media buys on Google and Meta to sponsored content and transit shelter ads in Surrey, Calgary, and Edmonton, our presence has been felt far and wide. We've also ramped up our airport ads in Vancouver (YVR) and Calgary (YYC), making sure travelers know that adventure awaits them in Kamloops.

One highlight from this campaign was our collaboration with indigenous influencer Hayley Gendron, whose content is featured on her Instagram and cross-posted on Destination Canada’s page. This partnership, in conjunction with Destination BC, has helped us tap into a broader audience, sharing the authentic Kamloops experience through a trusted voice.

Group of people cheers-ing their drinks on the sunny Cordo Resto + Bar patio located in downtown Kamloops, British Columbia.

Out and About: Driving Traffic and Engagement

Every element of our spring campaign is designed to be adaptable and engaging. We’ve incorporated QR codes in our transit ads to drive traffic directly to our website, ensuring that audiences can easily find the information they need to plan an incredible visit. Our hero creatives for both campaigns have been visually striking, capturing the essence of Kamloops’ vibrant spring atmosphere.

From families looking to escape the last days of winter to outdoor adventurers seeking new trails and fishing spots, our campaigns have featured some of the best Kamloops has to offer. The blend of digital and out-of-home (OOH) advertising ensures that our message reaches potential visitors wherever they are, be it online or on the go.

What’s Next?

As we wrap up our Spring Brand campaign at the end of May, we're gearing up for a packed summer season. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and campaigns that continue to highlight why Kamloops is the place to be year-round.
For now, let’s celebrate the success of our spring efforts and look forward to a summer filled with even more adventures.  Explore more about our spring offerings here.