Tourism Kamloops is committed to being a transparent, data-driven organization. As part of this commitment, we have partnered with Symphony Tourism Services, and Klevr Places, to develop a comprehensive monthly report to stakeholders. This report will strive to provide a monthly snapshot of tourism related metrics, benchmarked for a context where possible, that matter to our local tourism operators and industry stakeholders.  

The monthly data update will include: 

  • YKA arrival data 
  • Average visitor spending data 
  • Accommodation and ADR data  
  • Travel trade data  
  • Regional updates and context  
  • Tourism Kamloops marketing data  
  • Employment data  
  • Provincial context  

Tourism Kamloops’ comprehensive data reporting is designed to support regional operators and industry stakeholders as they make decisions for their businesses and operations. Did we miss something? Is there something you would like to see included in this report? Email us at  

Data included in this report is pulled from a variety of trusted sources including CBRE, STR Reporting, Stats Canada, Go2HR, Destination Canada, the Kamloops Airport, and more. As it takes some time to review and synthesize reporting and data, reporting will require a 60-day processing window, which is why this report is reflective of February 2023 data.  

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Tourism Kamloops is committed to continuing to support our stakeholders with data and reporting that is relevant to their businesses and operations. As an organization, we believe that every decision we make must be informed by accurate and relevant data and we want to be transparent with that information.